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FREE ENERGY FIELD SCAN – The report of the scan shows you how many entities are attached in your aura and which chakras they are influencing.

We have sold all our Gentle Giant CDs. As a special gift to all of you who enjoy a ‘Gong Bath’ for relaxation and/or healing you can now listen to the full recording on our YouTube Channel here.   To download the audio version (74Mb) right click Gentle Giants and select “Save File/Link As” or “Save As”.

Healing is a Process

Energy Healing

Energy Healing is accessing the limitless energy of the Universe through a variety of techniques, but mainly, it is our intention.The process promotes healing and restores all  our bodies to their natural WHOLE state.

We are ALL able to access this energy (God, Source, Universe) but society has conditioned us to believe that this is not possible.  We are that powerful!

Personal Clearing
Space Clearing
Integrated Energy Healing

sound healing symbol

Sound Healing

“Sound healing synchronizes brain waves to achieve profound states of relaxation, helping to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the cells in our bodies.”  – Jonathan Goldman

Sound Healing

Akashic Record readings

Akashic Record Readings

Within the Akashic Records, you see from the point of view of your soul. This soul-oriented view helps you move into a dynamic perspective of all you are and can become.

You see the experience of your life from a new perspective, from a point where you see your entire Divinity. You become aware of the many choices and opportunities available.

Soul Profile & Re-Alignment
Spirit Guide Profile
Relationship Reading
Life Lessons

How Energy Healing Can Enrich Your Life…

»  Reduces Stress and Increases vitality,health & immunity.

»  Releases stuck energies (feelings of anger, frustration, resentment).

»  Increases focus, creativity & productivity.

»  Promotes a more heart centered way of being.

healing - balance - harmony

»  Helps in acknowledging behaviours that do not serve us.

»  Provides clarity to realize our goals & desires.

»  Facilitates healing, growth and maturity through quiet contemplation.

»  Supports in resolving past trauma or emotional pain.

Please note: We do not medically diagnose nor do we prescribe medical treatments. We do not advise clients to discontinue any medical treatment they are receiving. We intend our work to be in harmony with and complementary to any other healing modality that a client uses.

 Are you ready  to become the master of your destiny,  to live your personal freedom,
to use the power of your thoughts to create the abundance you deserve? 

An Important Clarification on ‘Healing’

It is important to remember that healing is a personal choice, and only the individual knows – at a subconscious level – that which is in its best interests. Being sick can be a form of healing, for you may require the experience in order to overcome a personal obstacle. As an extreme example, death can also be seen as a form of healing, when looking at healing in its greater context from a Universal point of view.

In any case, when you come for a healing you should not attach any outcome to the treatment, because you and you alone carry the essence of the choice you wish to make in terms of your well-being. It is also worth stressing that, by the laws of attraction, one will not draw into one’s existence that which it is not in the best interests of self. 

If you do not receive the result you want it is because of two possible scenarios:
i. it was not in your highest interests to receive that experience, or
ii. you attached an expectation to the outcome, and that expectation originated from the ego (desire) not the Soul (knowing).

That’s how the Universe works.

It is up to the individual or the organism to Choose to be healed. In other words, nothing is going to be done for you– You have to make the conscious and subconscious decision to enter into an agreement with another vibratory field— in this case the healing energies. Only if and when those two vibratory fields are aligned in both intent and purpose can a sympathetic resonance be established, a transfer of information begins, and balancing can take place. This is a fundamental Universal law, and it is there to respect your free-will.

Healing is a Process

“A novice healer forces

An experienced healer facilitates

A wise healer let’s happen what needs to happen”

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