A Journey Through the Dimensions

by | Jan 2, 2018

Last week we received a question about the 4th and 5th dimension. The dimensions, especially the 4th and the 5th, do get discussed a lot lately but very little is actually written about them.
What are they? And how do we know if our energy vibration resonates with the 3rd, 4th or 5th dimension?
I have done some research and found a few sources that do discuss the dimensions. The dimensions refer to levels of consciousness. Imagine a vertical axis that grounds itself in the centre of the Earth and rises into the Galactic Centre. When we incarnate, our locus of perception is on this axis, which was often called the Tree of Life in ancient cultures.

1D – The Iron Core Crystal

In 1994 an 8+ magnitude earthquake gave scientists the data to find that the earth core is a huge iron ore crystal that is about 1500 miles wide and denser than the surrounding outer earth zones. The first dimension is the only truly solid dimension on the vertical axis of consciousness. The centre of the earth resonates at 40 Hz, which sends electromagnetic waves into 2D, 3D and beyond. Earth’s crust vibrates at 7.5 Hz. See also the article on Schumann Resonance.
One fascinating fact is that when we are tapping into our superconsciousness, our brainwaves are in the gamma range – 40 Hz – which is the same as the frequency of the Earth’s core!

2D – The Telluric World

The Keepers of 2D are the elementals – radioactive, chemical, mineral, viral and bacterial intelligences – who maintain this dimension. These same intelligences exist in 3D but with less density. Having evolved out of 2D we humans still resonate with it by “cords” made of different elemental forms that reach into our four bodies of consciousness – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

For most people these days, 2D is a dead world to be mined, exploited and processed for the needs of 3D. Yet this dimension is the source of life and harmonising with it heals and enlivens the surface of Earth.

Brain wave states

By disrupting the telluric realm and abusing its sacred powers the essence of this dimension is diminished which will affect all planes on the vertical axis of consciousness.

Using fear an elite group has controlled humanity for the last 2000 years. To correct the abuses to 2D, people need to take their spiritual powers back and transmute disturbed elementals by group thoughtforms of love. A practice still performed all over the world by indigenous peoples. The reason we must understand our relationship with the lower realm is because 2D vibrates in our bodies whether we know it or not.

3D – Linear Space and Time

The third dimension of linear space and time is where we humans live with other biological creatures and plants. We humans are the Keepers of 3D. This is the dimension where the physical and non-physical intersect. The physical realms – 1D through 3D – are measurable and all non-physical realms – 4D and beyond – operate as subtle frequencies in 3D. Our bodies are held in form by frequencies that vibrate physical matter; we are oscillating, vibrating beings of Light. According to quantum physics our bodies are much more filled with space than matter.

When we mature many of us realise that we are living in a very restricted and limited consciousness. We live a complex story made up of a mixture of this life’s experiences, previous lives’ experiences and we tend to assume that this is the only reality there is. In fact, we are fast asleep! We learn to believe that bodies are solid; we can’t walk through walls. All is subject to gravity, physical objects cannot disappear and we cannot read another person’s mind. There is belief in duality, and judgment and fear is pervasive.

Emotion words image

However, it is our feelings/emotions that can wake us up and make us realise that our physical world does not have to be limited.
Why do we avoid feelings?
Often we want to avoid the pain that accompanies them. We go to the doctor, get medication and the pain goes, most of the time.
But was the underlying cause resolved?
No, and often the body will develop a pain, illness somewhere else. The body tries to get our attention for a cause that is anchored in our emotional, mental or spiritual field.

Emotions and feelings are our gateway to the higher dimensions, they show us which beliefs and inflexible “rules” run our life. Blocked or suppressed emotions keep us living in the past. We need to live in the now to be able to move into higher dimensions.

The more we throw light into our shadow, the more we can see the beliefs for the restrictions put there by others and the better we can let them go. They are not ours; we do not have to carry them around with us anymore. We leave the stories we tell ourselves about our lives at the door and revel in the pure uniqueness of our being. The peace and harmony raises our vibration to such a level that we can leave the density of 3D behind us and step onto the ‘bridge’ to 4D. But remember, you have to do the work, no one can do this for you!

4D – The World of Myths and Archetypes

The fourth dimension, the astral plane, is the realm of the human collective mind, the amalgam of individual thoughts and feelings that meld and weave into archetypal patterns. It’s the mental realm and the dimension of time. In our thoughts we can time-travel: we can go to the past by remembering and to the future through planning. Thoughts are created with almost no effort and dissipate very quickly unless we continue to give them mental energy. Thoughts create via the endocrine system emotions which give us the energy to move into action.

The fourth dimension receives all the messages coming from the higher dimensions. In 4D duality still exists, so what we receive will be coloured negative or positive for us. The source of human creativity is within this information from higher dimensions. We receive it as intuition. Most humans ignore these impulses, since acting on them might change their lives. And we all know ego does not like change!

Be careful though when deciding to follow these impulses. It pays to make sure they are for the highest good of you and all involved as there are a lot of pranksters among the fourth dimensional beings too. Especially when a person’s emotions are not under control – their energy vibration is low – the person may be visited by misguided fourth dimensional beings, which to the person appear real and genuine.
Spiritual masters and many artists learn to distinguish between low astral impulses and true divine inspiration. Wonderful things result from working intentionally with divine forces and may birth art, visions and sacred cultures.

Right now Earth’s people are screaming for an end to global domination and violence. But screaming for peace does not work. It is time to liberate the 4D forces within you and start to create a new world. Waiting for the gods to return is not the solution. We are powerful enough to create our own new world!

Quantum physics is the law of 4D. It reveals that our electro-magnetic brains translate the frequency waves of the subatomic world. The collective 4D is a huge screen of frequency waves that we detect and read in our heads, if we learn where to turn the dial. We humans are like radios, you can tune in to good stations or bad stations.

We can know we’re experiencing the fourth dimension when we have moments of spiritual awakening and experiences of heart opening. Other times, it can happen when we’re simply feeling clear and quiet inside. There’s a sense of spaciousness and lightness.
Time is no longer linear in the fourth dimension—there’s an ongoing sense of being in present time, with no interest or even awareness of past and future. And we can discover that time is malleable—it can actually stretch and condense, much to our third dimensional surprise. Manifestation is much faster in 4D. Something we simply think about can show up very quickly. In general, when we’re experiencing joy, love and gratitude, we’re experiencing fourth dimensional consciousness.

Thoughts, emotions, action

5D – The “Spiritual Realm”

The fifth dimension is a realm of Light that centres in the human heart and is resonant with Earth’s biological creatures and plants. For humans, the Light’s vibrational frequency is called Samadhi, the realisable human experience of communion with the divine. When this state is experienced our brainwave pattern is gamma, a very high frequency brainwave pattern. We enter our superconscious and feel the oneness of all. We literally experience the Universal Law of Oneness.

Most sacred teachers point out we can attain enlightenment just by being Loving. Love is the “glue” that holds all the dimensions together. If you have unity in your heart, life is a time to seek other beings to love. The only way to know love is to experience it. If you wish to understand the universe itself, you can do so through Love.

The 5th dimension is also all about the energy of information. There are no concepts of time and space at this level. As we shifted towards 5th dimensional consciousness on our planet, we entered the “information age.” The internet is really a 3D mirroring of 5D.
Part of this 5D information super highway is the information we can find in the Akashic Records. This is an energetic database of the experiences, choices and consequences of all humans since the time of their first incarnation.
All of us exist within all 10 dimensions and what we call the soul is really our 5th through 10th dimensional aspect. So our soul does not need to evolve into its upper dimensional states. They are already there, it’s just that we may not be able to access these aspects of ourselves from our 3D incarnated aspect.
It is important to understand that all dimensional aspects of ourselves reflect one another. As above , so below … and vice versa. However state changes in the denser dimensions have more of an impact on our upper dimensional aspects because they involve so much more effort!

Living from the heart, in Love means that we have to leave behind all mental and emotional baggage. Anger, fear, hostility, guilt have no place in the 5th dimension. A sense of separation or suffering needs to be left behind. To enter 5D, mastery over the physical, emotional and mental aspect of ourselves is a prerequisite.
Becoming more attuned to the 5th dimensional energies also means that we are now aware that we can ask for help from our personal Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and other Light Beings. But remember, you have to ask as these beings cannot interfere with our free will on this planet. With their assistance releasing old patterns and negative emotions is getting easier and easier, if we have the clear intention of letting them go.

6D – 10D

The 6th dimension is the realm of geometric forms that replicate, through morphogenesis, as plants, animals, humans and material objects in 3D. This dimension shifts beyond energy as information, into purer energetic vibrational states of Being. It’s about conscious creation through Being-ness, about using energetic vibrational states as the underlying building blocks of creation.
At this level we have the power to choose our state of Being through self-determination. But often we do not choose power because it comes with a great deal of responsibility and so get stuck in gathering more and more information (5D) … without implementation.
Remember none of this happens TO us .. we must choose self-determination!

The 7th dimension is a realm of cosmic sound that generates the 6D geometric forms by vibrational resonance. Sound originates in the vibrational frequencies of the spinning, orbiting bodies in the universe. The Divine Mind influences all the bodies in the universe by movement and measure and permeates the whole galactic sphere.
7D moves beyond specific vibrational states towards integration. We do not play at becoming a master at a single state ( freedom, joy, peace, expansion) but we are encompassing the complete broad spectrum or our Being! It becomes very important to us to take our power back, not by being rebellious but by resonating to our Divine nature and being who we truly are.

The 8th dimension is the realm of pure consciousness. In this dimension we are completely aware not only of ourselves but of ourselves in the context of all of Creation and thus have an awareness of ALL of Creation at once. Eighth dimensional consciousness is entirely preoccupied with itself , because the relationship with our Divinity is the relationship with the rest of Creation.

Platonic Solids

It may seem self-involved and we need to practise on having the fortitude to choose for ourselves. Being impeccable with our Divine self-expression is essential.

The 9th dimension concerns itself with Love, the pure creative desire that fuels the entire creation process. The energy of Love at this level should not be confused with the emotion of love. The energy of Love is the impulse for self-knowledge and self-experience of Divine Creator Source that births the individual soul itself. At this level we understand that the purpose of life is to create, for the sake of creation. Playfully creating what we want becomes our only focus.

The 10th dimension is the experience of absolute Truth. At this level there is no illusion of separation from Source. The soul experiences itself AS Source. One might consider this Enlightenment.

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