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The Journey Begins …

Marius and Jeltje both grew up in the Netherlands and worked for the majority of their working life in large firms. This gave them a solid grounding in being practical and taking action if you wish to achieve your goal.

They met each other at a time when they were both taking a closer look at their own lives and at the world around them. Both wondered: “Is this all there is to life? Going to work, getting a salary and having weekends off for leisure pursuits?

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Stepping into Healing

They went on a search for answers and started exploring the ‘unseen’ dimensions. Marius became very interested in working with energies and after a particularly aggressive negative entity was removed from his aura field, this experience showed him the area he wanted to develop his healing abilities in.

Jeltje became interested in massage therapy, and how energy moves through the body via meridians and in and out of the body through the chakras. She took a post-graduate course in Orthomolecular Medicine to really get to know the biology of the body and became a naturopath. After a while she added crystal healing to her healing toolbox.

Moving to the Other Side of the World

Around 2000 they moved to New Zealand and started a healing practice in Takaka, Golden Bay. This is a small lightly populated area and so in the coming years they explored ways in how to extend their practice and work with clients from all over the world. The possibilities of the internet greatly helped in achieving this.

Integrated Energy Healing – Distance Healing

Marius then attended Eric Dowsett’s workshop: Personal and Space Clearing Intensive. Having had the experience of that negative entity in his own aura Marius quickly developed his own method of Personal Clearing adding into the mix his counselling expertise, past-life regression and focus therapy.
These days he works often at distance. As quantum physics has demonstrated, in energy healing time and distance are non-existent. With his intuitive gifts Marius is able to tune in to clients anywhere in the world and facilitate their healing journey.

Looking for the Root Cause of Dis-ease

Working as a naturopath gave Jeltje the opportunity to explore beyond the physical symptoms clients presented with and also to create ways to work with clients from around the globe. She became fascinated with finding the emotional, mental, spiritual cause or even the consequence of a past-life choice behind a dis-ease and slowly her treatments focused more on these areas than on the physical.
This led her to complete a course in reading Akashic Records with Andrrea Hess. As soon as she started the course Jeltje felt as if she remembered how to do this work. It’s obviously something she decided to bring through in this incarnation and she enjoys bringing clients real practical information they can work with in their day-to-day life.

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Gong Concerts – Sound Baths

With their interest in energy healing and with Marius already practicing Sound healing it was a very natural progression to performing Gong concerts after hearing a gong concert and attending a gong playing workshop with Don Conreaux. This all happened in 2008 and since then Marius and Jeltje perform each month Full Moon gong concerts at their home and they travel regularly to give concerts in the south and north island. 
Now 11 years later it is time to change from gong concerts into individual sound healing sessions, where the sound vibrations of the gongs, other acoustic instruments and voice will be used to create the sacred vortex where deep healing of the root cause of dis-eases may occur. 

Becoming Wayshowers

Both Marius and Jeltje continue their own development along their Divine paths and this gives them the opportunity to share their wisdom (“knowledge experienced”) with their clients, become ‘Wayshowers’ so to speak. Working in congruence with the Self-Expression of their Souls allows them to create a harmonious, joyful life together and share this with others.

Healing as they see it now, is the most effective when done at Soul level.

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