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Our Soul is the Sacred Essence within Us – Our Deepest Purpose
and the Guiding Force behind Our Individual Lives. — Mateo Sol

Discover Your Soul’s Secrets

It’s no coincidence you are reading this webpage. There are no coincidences in the Universe. Let me guess. Do any of the following situations describe your life right now …?

  • Suffering from low confidence and a lack of self-esteem?
  • Looking for growth in your spiritual development but not sure how to proceed?
  • Feeling stuck and just can’t create abundance in your life?
  • Wondering who you really are at Soul level?
  • Experiencing great difficulties in relationships with others?
  • Engaged in repeated patterns of bad luck, trauma and negative events?
  • Feeling frustrated about not finding fulfilment in your life?

If any of the above applies to you, the answers for you may lie at Soul level.

What are Akashic Records?

From the moment of its origination each Soul has Akashic Records. These Akashic Records are an energetic database in which every thought, word and action is stored. Everything about you, including every choice, and its consequence, you ever made in this current life and in all your past lives are stored in them.

Benefits of accessing your Akashic Records

The essential point of reading your Akashic Record is to get you to understand who you are at Soul level. You’ll find out what special talents and gifts you were born with. You’ll also discover why certain restrictions and blocks are stopping you from finding in this lifetime the fulfilment that you deserve.

Akashic Record Readings available:

  • Soul Profile & Re-Alignment Reading
    This is the major, first step to enable you to clear whatever blocks you to express your Divinity in the practical world.
    Soul Investment: $395
    Repeat Re-Alignment reading: $295

Follow-On Readings

  • Spirit Guide Profile Reading
    Have you ever wondered who your Spirit Guides are and how to communicate with them?
    In this reading you get to know the Guides of your Inner Circle.
    Soul Investment: $295.
  • Relationship Reading
    Are you having problems in your relationships?
    Whether it’s a romantic challenge, parent-child conflict,  best friends or a business partner issue, the Akashic Records can provide insight and perspective on how the relationship in question contributes to your experience.
    Soul Investment: $295.
  • Life Lessons Reading
    This reading reveals the experiences your Soul chose to examine in this lifetime.
    Soul Investment: $195.

The readings are done in person or via Skype and are recorded. A copy of the recording will be send to you together with homework instructions if those are applicable.

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Please Note:

To locate the correct Akashic Record for your Reading Jeltje needs the following information. So please fill in the form below when you are ready to proceed.
For the relationship reading please give the full details for both parties and state if you have permission from the other person to access their Akashic Record.

Akashic Record Reading request

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Over the past five months I’ve done three sessions with Jeltje. So far it is the best ‘spiritual’ money I ever spent.

Jeltje is well trained and accurate in reading the Akashic Records. So many events, persons and tendencies in my life became much clearer! The soul alignment session helped me gain insight in my soul type, which gave a lot of self-confidence: it was not strange what I was doing in my life… it was my purpose! Further it helped to explain some re-occuring events and my main soul relations.
The second session was on my personal guides. I didn’t know there were so many! But it was moving for me: a number of guides left a personal message for me which was so spot-on that it helped me to concentrate on other things in life than the things I was concentrating on.
The third session on life lessons brought the previous two even more together.

The information in all sessions is very valuable but even more valuable is that Jeltje helps you to make it practical in your life; and with a lot of life experience herself and with humour!  Highly recommended!
— Hein Fleuren, Ph.D. – The Netherlands

The Soul Profile & Re-Alignment reading reveals the following Soul Secrets:

  1. What Divine Gifts and Soul Group characteristics/abilities your Soul has brought into this life
  2. How your spiritual journey has developed over your many lifetimes
  3. What restrictions and blocks are preventing you from leading a life of abundance
  4. How are you now being affected by negative influences from previous lives
  5. What are the energetic root causes to the recurring negative patterns in your life
  6. What blockages occur in your chakras
  7. Have you agreed to any contracts, vows made at Soul level that no longer serve you in this lifetime

This reading gives you a new awareness and intent to express, from now on, your authentic Self fully as you were meant to do. You experience a positive shift in your consciousness and energy vibration.

Clearing Blockages and Restrictions to your Current Life

Having become aware of the restrictions and blocks, the next step is to clear these in your Akashic Record and in your subconscious mind. During the reading, Jeltje clears your Akashic Record of negative influences and facilitates a re-alignment of your Soul with your Divinity.
After the reading, you need to do your side of the clearing by actively reprogramming your subconscious. You will receive instructions on how to do this as part of the reading.

(Re-)Connect to Source

This is the key to leading an abundant, purposeful and fulfilling life. Your Soul incarnated on Earth to experience beauty and abundance. However, it forgot this upon incarnation. The Akashic Record reading reawakens your memory. You expand your awareness, see obstacles as learning experiences. Your energy vibration gets a lift.

You reconnect to the Divine Being you really are!

Repeat Soul Profile & Re-Alignment readings:

Having cleared the first layer of blocks and restrictions and now consciously making new choices in your life you may feel after a while that you are encountering a new layer of blocks and restrictions. This happens mostly because you are making different choices in your life which create new challenges that may bring new “old” beliefs and patterns into your awareness.

If you notice that you seem to remain at the same level in your spiritual development it is probably time to request a repeat Soul Re_Alignment reading. I advise that you wait at least 6 months to a year after each reading to allow time to come into alignment with the insights of the previous reading.

Book of Wisdom - Akashic Records
Thank you so so much for the session and for sending me everything – I’ll make sure to do the homework every day for 3 weeks! I just wanted to let you know how amazing talking with you was and how much I valued everything you told me. It was one of the most special things I’ve ever experienced and I’m very grateful to you and all the work you did for me!
– T. B., London


Thank you so much for the Soul Profile & Re-Alignment Reading!
The strengths and characteristics of my Soul Group and Divine Gift resonated totally with me. I am also very glad to know and have a better understanding of how my blocks and restrictions came about. You addressed all the problems I currently have with the 3rd and 5th chakras. I always have a problem communicating with others and lack the courage to speak my Truth when in a group.
Each time I listen to parts of the session recording I get more insights. Having such a recording is very useful.
I am so looking forward to completing my clearing homework and become fully aligned to my Highest Path and Purpose. It will be a great help in moving forward. I am so glad my friend recommended it and I will definitely recommend this Soul Profile & Re-Alignment reading to others whom I feel may benefit from it. Thank you and blessings.
– C. P., England

Advanced Readings:

Spirit Guide Profile Reading

Helping Hands from the Other Side

A Spirit Guide Profile Reading gives you the opportunity to become familiar with your personal team of Guides and learn how they are uniquely equipped to serve you in this incarnation. Your Spirit Guide team is always there for you and working on your behalf. They assist you in aligning with your Soul’s highest path and purpose and help you to create the life and experiences that you choose. But you may not have a conscious connection with them. You may not recognise the promptings from your Guides and dismiss or ignore their wisdom and assistance.
When you have a conscious connection with your Spirit Guides and can recognise how they communicate with you, your life path and purpose will become clearer. You can live your life knowing that there are loving beings that love and support you at all times.

Our spirit guides are there all the time working for us. However, many people who are usually aware of their guides feel abandoned by their guides at the times when they needed them the most. This is not the case, our Guides will never abandon us. But neither do they intrude and force themselves on us. They are there, whether we are aware of them or not. In fact, it is very likely that your Guides are working even harder for you than usual on these occasions. It is just that we sometimes fail to listen. Our Guides are constantly encouraging us and trying to help us move ahead.” – Richard Webster

You will be provided with information on each of your Spirit Guides. They are Souls just like you and I, with Soul-level gifts, characteristics and abilities. They have previously incarnated into the Earth plane, so they still know about the physical existence here in the 3rd dimension even though they can provide us with a Soul-level perspective. Our Spirit Guides are our best source of guidance for making the choices that are in alignment with our own Divinity.

The reading will also give you details on how you can contact each Guide, how they would like to be addressed, what their appearance is and which particular area of your life they are assisting you with. Sometimes a Guides will pass on a short message as well.

The more acquainted we are with our Spirit Guide team, the more easily we will be able to accurately communicate with them and access their wisdom and guidance in order to assist us in our spiritual development and in fulfilling our path and purpose for this incarnation.

Spirit Guide team.

I can not express my gratitude in words!!! Just not enough expressive force in them.

But I am sure you can feel my appreciation and love on a soul level where words are unnecessary.
– N. G., Christchurch

Relationship Reading

“Why do I always attract the same type of partner? Can I improve my relationship with my child? How can I have a relationship with my mother/sister again? Why can’t I meet someone?”

The relationship Reading can be done for a couple (dating, engaged, married), a parent and child, two friends or even business partners. It is a wonderful way to understand each other on a deeper level, discover what the relationship teaches each person and gain insight into the relationship dynamics caused by the past lives you spent together.

How Reading Your Record Can Help Your Relationship

There are a number of aspects to any relationship reading, no matter what kind of relationship it is.

Spirit Guide team.
  • Who each of you is on a soul level: soul groups and energy qualities. These components will reveal much about your nature, and how you approach relating. And, of course, the same will be revealed about the other soul. This helps you to understand each other’s gifts and needs and how to learn to appreciate each other. This gives you insights in how to honour your differences, how to compromise and create more harmony.
  • What life lessons is this relationship designed to help you learn. You may find that your are constantly being tested on acceptance or forgiveness or assertiveness in your relationship. This may be exactly why your soul chose this partner, friend or family member. You can now be grateful that they are in your life.
  • What is the shared past-life history between the two souls. Is this the first time you meet or did you spend many lifetimes together? Where you friends, family members, married or lovers? Do you feel the caretaker of your partner because you were the parent in the past? Or does your child refuse to obey because she was your friend/parent in the past?
  • What are the blocks and restrictions that affect you in this specific relationship …
    or in all your relationships. Where possible we clear those blocks and create a framework for better choices. There may be shared karma between the two souls. The awareness of this specific karma and how it is impacting your relationship can lead to choices that can “complete” the outstanding karmic debt. The blocks and restrictions will be cleared so that you can move beyond unwanted patterns.

After an Akashic relationship reading, you will have a greater understanding of yourself, the other soul, and the purpose of the relationship. You will know how to create more harmony and balance and have a clearer idea of how to create new patterns that serve both of you better.

The participation of both persons is not required for this reading. However, we do use ethical considerations when deciding whether it is OK to access the other person’s Akashic Record. In the case where the other person is not your child nor a current live-in partner and has not given their permission, we can still do this reading for you. In this case it will focus on your side of the relationship and the shared soul history without asking personal questions about the other person.

Life Lessons Reading

Our Life Lessons represent the experiences our Soul is choosing to examine in this lifetime. They are “themes” (like a holiday can have a beach, touring or yoga theme) chosen so that we can experience our Divinity more fully.

Remember we are NOT here to be “in school”. There is no external authority, including our Soul! -that has decided we need to learn certain “lessons”. We have FREE WILL and even our Soul does not run us. Our Soul chooses a “lesson” not to “learn” or “grow”, but so it can once again experience itself as Divine within its human lifetime. We do not have to get “better” at it, there is no achievement within the experience.

Uncovering our Life Lesson “curriculum” enables us to understand what the Soul desires for its experience within this incarnation. We are here to LIVE INTO our lessons, and to embrace them consciously and fully. This will contribute a great deal of fulfillment to our lives, because it satisfies us spiritually.

We all have a primary life lesson and a number of secondary or complementary lessons that round out the main theme. We do not seek completion in this life, just experiences.
Each lesson can show up in its positive or negative aspect. If we experience the negative aspect of the lesson it will create a sense of dissatisfaction and a feeling that we are not on our proper path. However, in this case our lesson also can inspire us to transcend negativity and return to our Divine self-expression!

Finding out what your life lessons are and how they show up in your life, will help you to further recognise your current life lessons, live into the experience fully, playfully and joyfully and enjoy the consequences of what you are creating through choice!

The Journey Home
You are a Divine Being.

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