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What Happens After Death – Part 2

Continuing on from my previous blog (What Happens After Death?), this second part deals with the soul leaving the body and journeying into the spirit world. The information below is based on many NDE (near death experience) reports I have read and on the Life Between...

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What Happens After Death?

After my blog about the Dimensions I received a number of emails with other questions. Some were of a more personal nature but one I thought might be better answered in a blog. This question has been asked before and I believe the answer may not just be of help to the...

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Problems Manifesting Your New Year’s Resolutions?

A few years ago I wrote a blog on manifesting the resolution(s) that you had made at the beginning of the New Year. I described how I first set the intention and then give it all the attention I can muster. This can be done by saying a decree every day regularly until...

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A Journey Through the Dimensions

Last week we received a question about the 4th and 5th dimension. The dimensions, especially the 4th and the 5th, do get discussed a lot lately but very little is actually written about them. What are they? And how do we know if our energy vibration resonates with the...

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Sound of Silence

When did you hear silence for the last time? And yes you can hear the silence. It’s the sound of the trees, the birds, the wind. In the silence you can hear your inner “still small” voice. I am privileged, because where I live there is most of the time silence. When I...

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Ask and you will be given

This is an old saying. But how does it work? Just ask and wait until your question is answered in the way you expect is to be answered? You may have an idea how God/Spirit/Source will help you, but God has often different unexpected ways to assist us. When help...

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