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Entities and how they affect us

The concept of entities covers of a number of categories, namely: discarnate souls, extra-terrestrials and negative thought forms. Each of these categories is explained in more detail below. Discarnate souls A being from the astral plane, or a human who has died, but...

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To Guru or Not to Guru

For a number of years I have been working on developing a good intuitive connection with my Higher Self.  The Higher Self is the best spiritual teacher one can have.  It is in complete support of our Soul and gives in all things advice that is for the highest good of ...

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Clean and Green New Zealand?

The Chinese have taken careful note of the environmental practices in New Zealand and as a country we are not measuring up to their standards. Here is what they have to say about our image: NZ Herald article 6 Aug 2013: 100% Pure 'festering sore' - China news sites By...

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Mobile Phone Transmission Towers

Mobile Phone Transmission Towers are NOT the only Harmful Fields Around Us The issue of the harm of mobile phone transmission towers is really part of a much wider field of harmful waves and electro smog surrounding us in these modern times. So let’s start with...

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What is Gong Playing?

When talking to people about our next Gong concert or about healing with the sounds of the Gong, they often have no idea what a Gong is and what playing a Gong sounds like. Most people know a Gong from what they see in the movies. There you see someone with great...

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Channelling  –  what is the point? For decades we have seen new wisdom brought through by the process of channelling.  Some famous channels over time were Edgar Cayce  -  A Course in Miracles, Jane Roberts  -  Seth;  Esther Hicks  -  Abraham and Ronna Herman  - ...

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