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New Year’s Resolutions – How Are Yours Faring?

Every year a number of us decide: “In the new year I will ….”  or  “In the new year I want to achieve ….”. There are many resolutions set and yet how long do we generally stick to them? By the second or third week of January we have fallen back into our old habits and...

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Is Planet Earth Waking Up?

Earth is an electric circuit Believe it or not, the Earth behaves like an enormous electric circuit. The atmosphere is actually a weak conductor and if there were no sources of charge, its existing electric charge would diffuse away in about 10 minutes. There is a...

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Soul Mates and Twin Flames

Similar or the same? At origination our I AM Presence or Higher Self is created as a part from Source with the purpose to completely and fully express itself. Through all these parts Source is experiencing Itself and thus expanding. Part of this complete expression is...

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Entities and how they affect us

The concept of entities covers of a number of categories, namely: discarnate souls, extra-terrestrials and negative thought forms. Each of these categories is explained in more detail below. Discarnate souls A being from the astral plane, or a human who has died, but...

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To Guru or Not to Guru

For a number of years I have been working on developing a good intuitive connection with my Higher Self.  The Higher Self is the best spiritual teacher one can have.  It is in complete support of our Soul and gives in all things advice that is for the highest good of ...

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Clean and Green New Zealand?

The Chinese have taken careful note of the environmental practices in New Zealand and as a country we are not measuring up to their standards. Here is what they have to say about our image: NZ Herald article 6 Aug 2013: 100% Pure 'festering sore' - China news sites By...

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