Crisis as a Prelude to Change

By Jeltje Kooistra – June 1, 2022

We are in the middle of a global systems-shift. Such a shift has been anticipated and discussed for years. We know a little about this shift. We know it is one-way and it cannot be reversed. However, it is not predetermined, we have a choice. We can consciously choose our destiny. It could be bright; a new era where we flourish and come together as one single body of humanity. But whether this will be is not determined. It is up to us.

How did we get to this fork in the road?

For hundreds of years we have acted against nature. We assumed that we could be its master and we totally forgot that we are not separate from nature but are essentially connected to it.

Fork in the road

What have we created?
Our society is based on competition and individuality, and this creates a drive for dominance. We have ‘winners and losers.’ We have developed amazing information technologies and we are using them single-minded to achieve our ends without regards for the consequences. The consequences show up as droughts, floods, fires, millions of starving and/or displaced people, etc. Local conflicts escalating in regional wars with a nuclear confrontation possible.

This has created an unsustainable way of living. And we have reached a point where we cannot live any longer according to this view of live. It is a false view of who we are. Even though we have been ‘told’ how we are supposed to live, very few of us questioned our parents, teachers, cultural upbringing, etc. So, we all have created this situation, this karmic load. Our thoughts, generations of them, have created where we are at right now.

History is like a spiral. Humanity has faced many crises. They have always been overcome and yet we have never learned from them. We put a Band-Aid over the cause and happily went back to ‘sleep’. With the technological advances currently available to us, the damage we have done to Earth is critical and it threatens our survival as a species.

Which path to choose

1. We can pretend that nothing is wrong and carry on as before.

This will lead to the demise of many species in the animal and plant kingdom. In the end nature will not be able to provide the sustenance we humans need. We already see that there are plans afoot to use technology to create food in laboratories. And, we have stayed asleep while this went on around us. We saw the use of pesticides and other toxic substances used in the production of our foodstuffs yet allowed it to occur.

The whole drama of these last 2 years has driven us further into this feeling of separation from each other and nature. We have been nicely conditioned into believing that help is available to us from outside. That we are powerless to the threats presented in the form of a virus. In fact, we feel ‘entitled’ to receive help from outside.

chemtrails and 5G towers

I feel the following quote from Benjamin Franklin sums up exactly what has been happening for a large part of humanity to feel ‘safe’ again. Yet if we keep going down this path of insanity, our species in its true unadulterated form may not survive.

“Those who would give up essential liberty,
to purchase a little temporary safety,
deserve neither liberty nor safety”

2. We use this crisis to start living sanely and sustainable.

This means we need to mitigate our individualism aggression with responsibility and discipline. The body of humanity is healthy when it is whole — when it embraces and values all the beings that walk and live on this Earth. We have always known this, yet we have buried this knowledge in our desperate scramble for money and power.

We need to reign in our technologies so that they are safe and that they serve us. We need to make sure we are not slaves to the technologies provided to us. That again would be giving our power away to some authority outside of ourselves.

Our loss of sense of community needs to be re-established. We are all part of the web of life and by banding together we create a system of mutual support guided by a sense of belonging, instead of living in a jungle where the strongest survive. We are social beings and we can live like such beings. This type of life is good for us and good for the world. Living in harmony with others and with nature is healthier, happier and much more rewarding and sustainable.

So, in a way this crisis has given us an opening to a global transformation. It allows us to create a new way to live where we all work together. We all have skills to contribute that will enable us to become more self-sufficient. On our own we cannot make this happen but in small or large groups we can make it happen. Work with nature instead of against it.

When it comes to deciding the ways of our life and the path to our destiny, we have now a new bottom-line. We take our life in our own hands. We are masters of our well-being and destiny.

It will not be easy to shake off old conditionings. We need to stop being fearful and step into our innate powers.

There has never been a more exciting and important task in the history of humankind.

Growing food

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