Energy Influence of the Year 2022

By Jeltje Kooistra – January 12, 2022

Being aware of the universal energies for this year may assist you in making decisions that are in congruence with your divinity. What happens to the planet in this 2022 energy happens to us too. As in macro-biology, so in micro-biology!

There are a lot of 2’s in the year number and the 0 behind the first 2 amplifies the energy of that preceding 2. So let us look at the Two energy first before looking at the Six (2+0+2+2+6) energy.

Two energy:

  • Divine feminine (think of the High Priestess in the tarot):
    healing, balancing, understanding, nurturing, wise, trustworthy, creative, heart-centred consciousness;
    this energy wants to bring harmony, balance, peace and order into the environment.
Man looking at a Corona virus image
  • Intuition:
    inner wisdom,  inner ‘knowing’, the voice of our soul, looking for information from within; to fully realise this we need to have a relationship with Source energy;
    connect to that Higher Power as it will carry you through where willpower will fail: do this through (guided) meditations, breathwork, being out in nature, finding your Truth by being discerning; do what feels good for you and not what others tell you to do.
  • Balance:
    be in alignment with your divinity; live from your heart centre; we are on the plane of duality so do not let this get you out of balance; be patient and find what keeps you in balance;
    BE instead of DO.
  • Emotions:
    2 is governed by the moon, by water and we are over 70% water, so we will be more sensitive to energies around us; we need to find what brings our emotions and thoughts back in balance; if our thoughts are out of balance we may manifest what we do NOT want.
  • Perception:
    what lens are you looking through at life? are you looking from fear or love: fear, worry and stress lowers your immune system
    fear manifest what you do NOT want.
  • Cooperation:
    diplomacy, mediation; this is the number of unity; be understanding of others and do not judge!
    2’s like to be in a group, partnership; so find your tribe or team.

Six energy:

  • The universal year number is 6, which is all about community, “WE”; your tribe can be online and size does not matter, a tribe of two or over 1,000;
    believe you are not alone! your family does not need to be your blood family, it is your soul family you need to connect with.
  • Be discerning when to say things, but be TRUE to yourself.
  • Be of service whenever, wherever you can; it does not matter if your are not on the same page. Note: the negative 6 can be very judgmental!
  • Acceptance – know that justice cannot always be done; remember the Serenity Prayer by Reinhold Neibuhr:
God, grant me the Serenity
To accept the things I cannot change…
Courage to change the things I can,
And Wisdom to know the difference.
  • Processing of guilt: do not hang on to guilt, know that you did the best with what you knew at that time; do not beat up on yourself; no “should’s” or “could have’s”.
  • Illuminating others, teaching, nurturing, devotion to the tribe; managing the changes in the world.
Man looking at a Corona virus image

The Two and Six energies can facilitate and assist in changing/nurturing the world and all living beings. It is up to all of us if we are going to express the positives of these energies or the negatives. As always we have a choice!

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