Gong Events

Love is the keynote, Joy is the music, Knowledge is the performer,
the Infinite All is the composer and audience. — Sri Aurobindo

Gong room at 196 Glenview Rd

Ongoing: Full Moon Gong Concerts

For many years now, each month we perform gong concerts at full moon. These concerts are held in a hexagonal building, Gong Room, constructed completely out of wood.

People, attending these gong concerts, comment that they feel the vibrations of the gongs, drums, didgeridoo and other instruments going right through their bodies.  They feel truly ‘bathed’ in sound!

See below for future dates of the concerts.

Sound Vibrations.

Gong Concerts

A Gong Bath. What is it?

The vibrations of the gong are space filling. Clusters of harmonic overtones build as the gong is played, eventually creating a ‘sea’ of total sound, which can be felt kinaesthetically by the person receiving the gong healing. Natural harmonics are overtones, which normally go upwards until they dissolve into friction. This is the natural process of aging. The pure living tones of the gong delay this process thereby bringing more energy, youthfulness and healing. More…

Marius and Jeltje with instruments

Private Gong Events

 “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, and life to everything. It is the essence of order.”
–  Plato

We’d love to play at all your functions and celebrations and we also offer gong concerts to small groups ( minimum 6 persons ) on request and on location.

Please contact us by email or call us on
 03 525 7977 for further information.

Gong Sound Healing, Relaxation and Stillness

“The sound will carry you beyond your fears. The pressure (of the vibration of the gong) will release the nervous system of many illnesses …  To regenerate the parasympathetic nervous system, nothing is more powerful than the sound of the gong.” – Yogi Bhajan

Concerts start 7pm in the Gongroom at 196 Glenview Road,  Takaka, Golden Bay
Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for a 7pm start and bring a blanket or rug. We have mattresses and pillows.

Energy exchange: $20.    Bookings Essential!    Ph. 03 525 7977

Full Moon Gong Concerts Dates:

Monday          21 January
Wednesday   20 February
Thursday        21 March
Friday             19 April
Sunday           19 May
** Jun, Jul, Aug — NO Concerts ***
Saturday         14 September
Monday          14 October
Tuesday          12 November
Thursday        12 December

Marius and Jeltje playing a gong.

Just wanted to give you a huge, THANK YOU for your amazing Gong concert at Sylvia’s Gathering! It did so much for me and was a truly world class experience and fantastic privilege! You guys are genuine masters and what a finale for the Gathering!

Over the time you played I couldn’t soak up the vibrations enough – the louder the better! My body and soul just loved every minute. I don’t quite know what that means but I imagine it was re-calibrating as well as being highly pleasurable. The next morning I still felt like I was floating in the vibrations of the Source Field. At odd times since it has percolated back through which has been helpful over the last few difficult months.

– Jacquie Johnson, Auckland

Gong CD – ‘Gentle Giants’

Although it’s best to be bathed in the full sound vibrations with the gongs and other acoustic instruments present, this recorded gong concert is a very good alternative option.

We approached the recording of this gong concert CD with the same intuitive and sacred intention as a live gong concert, so the essence of that intention is present in this recording too.

All recording was done in our purpose-built Gongroom using solar power. You may hear amongst the sounds of gongs and other acoustic instruments the songs of birds and cicadas. They often join in when we perform a gong concert, so we decided to integrate them into the recording.

“The mind has no power to resist a gong that is well played”
– Yogi Bhajan

Listen to a sample compilation

You can purchase “Gentle Giants” (cost: NZ$20) at our concerts and/or workshops.

Or we can send you a copy. For New Zealand add $5 P&P. Please contact us here.

“A wise man seeks by music to strengthen his soul:
the thoughtless one uses it to stifle his fears.”
– Confucius


Our Journey Towards Gong Mastery

Several years ago gong masters travelled around the world and were for a few days in Nelson. We had never heard of gong playing and did not know about gong masters. However, for some reason Marius felt the urge to attend an introductory workshop that included an evening gong concert. He was totally blown away, and decided that he wanted to be a gong master too. He bought a CD and when home, had a listen together with Jeltje. She became really enthusiastic too and we decided that we wanted to work with gongs and integrate them in our healing.

But how to make this happen?

The following year we had planned to travel to Europe to attend a workshop in Ireland. But, what a synchronicity! We heard that this workshop was cancelled. But, at the same time we saw that in the south of England there was a gong playing workshop, facilitated by grand gong master Don Conreaux and other gong masters.
We signed up and at the end of the workshop there was an opportunity to buy gongs. We bought two. A Symphonic gong and a Moon gong. Home again we started to play the gongs for a few people and the reactions were very positive. We started performing full moon concerts. A while later we bought two more gongs, a planet Earth gong and a planet Chiron gong.

For over 9 years now, we perform gong concerts each full moonin Golden Bay and travel around New Zealand too when we are invited. Over the years we have collected a whole lot of different instruments that we integrate in our concerts. To mention some: singing bowls, didgeridoo, drums, flute, rattles and much more, even a musical saw. All these acoustic instruments have been selected for their healing and relaxing sound vibrations.
By interweaving the sound of the gongs with our other instruments we have created a very unique and healing soundscape in our concerts.

Gong Concerts around New Zealand

Governors Bay, Christchurch 2015