Healing at Soul Level

Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

  • You feel continuously exhausted; You suffer from nightmares or unknown fears are keeping you awake
  • The energy in your house doesn’t feel comfortable; there is a lot of tension amongst family members; the kids are afraid in some areas, can’t sleep at night or get often ill
  • You are having health problems and doctors can’t find the cause
  • You have recently moved; lost a loved one or your relationship has ended
  • You feel stuck and just can’t create abundance in your life
  • You see patterns of bad luck, trauma and negative events repeating over and over …
  • You are wondering who you really are at Soul level and are looking for growth in your spiritual development but are not sure how to proceed

If you said ‘yes’ to one or more of the situations above …

Stop wasting time!

Choose Consciously for a Happier, Healthier, Wealthier Life

Our Holistic Healing Treatments can assist you in creating the fulfilment you deserve. We offer the following therapies:

Gong Sound Healing, Relaxation and Stillness

“The sound will carry you beyond your fears. The pressure (of the vibration of the gong) will release the nervous system of many illnesses …  To regenerate the parasympathetic nervous system, nothing is more powerful than the sound of the gong.” – Yogi Bhajan

Concerts start 7pm in the Gongroom at 196 Glenview Road,  Takaka, Golden Bay
Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for a 7pm start and bring a blanket or rug. We have mattresses and pillows.

Energy exchange: $20.    Bookings Essential!    Ph. 03 525 7977

Full Moon Gong Concerts Dates:

Fri, Sat      10 & 11 February
Sun, Mon  12 & 13 March
Mon, Tue  10 & 11 April
Wed, Thu  10 & 11 May
Fri, Sat        9 & 10 June
Note: July & August no concerts
Wed, Thu    6 & 7 September

Note: Due to popularity, now
2 concerts each Full Moon

mj playing a gong

 Are you ready  to become the master of your destiny,  to live your personal freedom,
to use the power of your thoughts to create the abundance you deserve?