Problems Manifesting Your New Year’s Resolutions?

by | Jan 15, 2018

A few years ago I wrote a blog on manifesting the resolution(s) that you had made at the beginning of the New Year. I described how I first set the intention and then give it all the attention I can muster. This can be done by saying a decree every day regularly until you feel one with what you desire. You start living as if you already have received your wish and it is part of your life. You start to be grateful that whatever you desired is now part of your life and you rejoice in having received it.

Sounds so simple doesn’t it? Then why is it not working! Why isn’t it showing up, despite all the actions you took? If this is happening to you it may be that you are sabotaging your effort without realizing it. In the game of manifesting it is very important that your energy vibration is matching the vibration of that which you desire to come into your life.

If the Universal Laws governing manifestation aren’t working for you, there are a number of things that may be in your way. So before giving up in disgust here are a few things you can ask yourself to gain clarity on why your manifesting method isn’t working.
This is a checklist of questions I ask myself too when I am struggling to manifest “what I desire”. Please feel free to use them the next time you find yourself wondering why things are “not showing up” for you.

1. Are you free of limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are a big if not the biggest reason why many of us struggle to receive the things we desire in life. In short, a limiting belief is an excuse we tell ourselves as to why we can’t have the things we want.
“I’m overweight because my whole family is overweight.”
“I can’t find a partner because all the good ones are taken.”
“I will never have enough money to buy that.”

Always remember we are powerful enough to manifest anything, and that is literally anything! It is possible. You can lose weight even though your whole family is overweight. You can find a good partner anywhere. Expensive things can drop into your life without you having to spend a cent.

So, if you are struggling to manifest something, one of the first things I suggest you do is ask yourself: “Are there any excuses I am making/thinking as to why I can’t have what I desire?”


This will need you to take some quiet time and reflect on the thoughts flitting through your head while you are visualising that which you desire. Write those thoughts down and see if you can remember where they come from. Chances are that somewhere sometime in your life you heard someone telling you what is now blocking you.

2. Are you letting the universe handle the details?

Being here in the 3rd dimension we all know that to have things happen we need to take action. One of my favourite sayings is: “God/Spirit helps those that help themselves.” So, we often want to control how things are going to be manifested. And by doing that we get in the way of things happening for us!

There are an infinite number of ways that any vision/dream can come true. Picking the right path just isn’t a good job for us because we simply are not able to see how all of the moving parts are going to come together. Our job is to design our dream desire, and you can pretty specific about how it should look/feel and that is where our responsibility ends.

Then we release control and allow the universe to bring it to us in the most perfect way and time. The universe has a much broader overview and it sees clearly when we are ready to receive. This is why it’s best to leave the details to the universe.
Remember, our job is just to ask and then believe. That’s it!

3. Do you have a high vibration?

Perhaps you have eliminated all your limiting beliefs and you are letting the universe handle the details. Yet when your vibration is running low the things you desire will stay out of reach. There has to be a vibrational match between what you desire and where your own vibration is.
Are you thinking often that your glass is half empty instead of half full? Do you stride with joyful feelings and thoughts through your life?
When you think negative thoughts, feel unhappy, angry or needy, you are lowering your vibration, you are not allowing yourself to receive what you desire.

Do your best to raise your vibration when you can and you will manifest more of the things you desire much more easily.
Mind you this does not mean that you aren’t allowed to be sad when you feel sad. Of course, you are sometimes sad or even angry, we all are that occasionally. In fact, when you are sad or angry, it’s best to acknowledge this.


Once acknowledged that there is a sad or angry feeling, thank it for being there and then let it go. Do not dive into it and feed it as it will become stronger and stronger and then much harder to let go. The quicker you can overcome this feeling that lowers your vibration, the quicker you’ll bounce back to your normal higher vibration.
A lowered vibration is a temporary state. Allow it to be what it is without judging it or feeling guilty over it. Make it a daily goal to raise your vibration, small step by small step.

What raises your vibration?
Listen to your favourite music, sing along with it if you feel inclined to. Smile and laugh a lot. Watch funny videos/movies; it’s the laughing you do when watching that raises your energy vibration and as an added bonus makes your immune system strong! Do the things you love and make you feel grateful to be alive and able to do them.


4. Have you let go yet?

This is often the trickiest piece of the puzzle. When we start to “worry about it manifesting”, we slide into negative thinking and down goes our vibration. This creates a resistance to receiving what we desire, we actually push it away from us.
This is how it is. When we have something, we don’t worry about when it is going to come to us, right? When you have a best friend, you aren’t worried about not having a best friend. You are in vibrational resonance with having a best friend, because you do not focus on the absence of a friend.

When we do not have something we desire, we must find a way to become at peace with the absence of having it. In fact, the minute we tell ourselves “it’s ok if this shows up or not” and thus truly let go, is often the exact moment it shows up.

A bit of a paradox, I know, but it is the moment you allow what you desire to come to you, because your vibration is now a match. So letting go is one of the most important keys to mastering manifestation using the power of your thoughts and the Universal Laws.
If you struggle with this part of the equation, start to look for evidence of this paradox in your life.

For example: become aware of the times when you stop trying so hard to win someone’s good opinion and suddenly they do appreciate you more. You lost your keys and when you give up looking for them they are there right in front of you. These things happen to us often, so there is plenty of opportunity to observe and practice the truly letting go.
In becoming more aware of this phenomenon, it will become easier and easier for you to really let go on each of your intentional manifestations. Releasing expectation and going with the flow become the more logical decisions in your life.

So remember when you had all those good intentions for the New Year and none of them are coming along, go through this checklist of questions.
Are you free of limiting beliefs, are you letting the universe handle the details, are you continually keeping your vibration high, and are you at ease with its absence yet?
If you can honestly say “YES” to each of these questions, your desire/dream will be a reality!
I hope you find these tips useful. Are there any other strategies you use to find success when manifestation isn’t working for you? Share your ideas below in the comments!

All the best, Jeltje

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