Sound of Silence

By Marius Zwijnenburg – October 25, 2016

When did you hear silence for the last time? And yes you can hear the silence. It’s the sound of the trees, the birds, the wind. In the silence you can hear your inner “still small” voice. I am privileged, because where I live there is most of the time silence.

When I come home, I rarely turn on the radio or television. In my vintage car I don’t even have a sound installation. I can drive for hours and just enjoy the driving and the surroundings. We do have a modern car as well, with a sound installation, but I don’t even know how it works.

When people invite me to their home, the first thing I notice is that they have a sound machine switched on. When people start their car, the sound machine starts up too. When I am in a shopping mall, there is music everywhere. When I am in the street, I hear music, if I like it or not. When I am in a restaurant, there is music.

I often wonder why there is always noise. Are people afraid of silence? Are they afraid of their own company, or are they afraid to meet themselves? I don’t know, I only can guess.

I am a sound healer, and perform gong concerts. That is sound as well you say. Yes, indeed it is, but it is not sound to replace the silence, it is healing sound. All instruments are acoustic. No electronics. The natural sounds give the healing vibrations. Electronics disturb the healing frequencies.

What you hear everywhere is all electronically produced sounds. Even instruments meant for healing like drums and didgeridoo are amplified or electronically mastered. This may be pleasant to listen to, but it is far removed from healing or natural vibrations.

When I meditate, I do this to come into contact with my inner voice and I need silence to achieve this. I do not play new age music. Maybe that is relaxing, but for me it interferes with my meditation. I have found that it’s very hard these days to buy a meditation CD without music, electronic music. Thus, after a meditation when you ask: “How did it go?” Often the answer is: “The music was lovely.” This means relaxation, not meditation. When one goes into meditation the music will not feature in the answer.

So why feel people the need to have music around them every minute of the day.
What do they fear in the silence?
What thoughts are being pushed away?
I have no answer. Have you?

Allowing the silence to enter your life may show you what you are avoiding. But if you wish to take the next step(s) in your spiritual development those thoughts will have to be acknowledged. Once acknowledged and worked through their cause you can let them go. And surprise, surprise you may feel more energy as supressing thoughts always takes a lot of energy.

So be bold, go into the silence and experience your Self.

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