The Healing Power of Sound

By Marius Zwijnenburg – July 29, 2022

All forms of energy vibrate

Ancient mystics and now our modern scientists too tell us that everything is in a state of vibration. From the very tiny, electrons moving around the nucleus of an atom, to the very large, planets spinning around their suns, everything vibrates. So, if all forms of energy are putting out a vibration, all that energy can be considered sound, whether we hear it or not.

Most of the spiritual paths and religions have creation myths that invoke the power of sound. “In the beginning was the Word.” Sound is very powerful. It is believed that with the power of sound frequencies the pyramids of Egypt were build. Even when western scientists talk about the “Big Bang” this signifies that the creation of the universe was somehow sonic in origin.

Tuning fork treatment

We are moving into a time of “healing with vibration”

A healthy body is like an orchestra that is playing all together in balance and harmony. It is a “symphony of the self.” When one player starts playing the wrong notes and out of rhythm then in a short period of time the dissonance spreads and you’ll notice that there is something wrong with the entire orchestra. Similarly, when one part of our body is vibrating out of tune, there is an unease in the body and we do not feel in optimal health.

Using sound as a healing modality we can restore the part of the body that is diseased back into a state of healthy resonance.


You can release pain in your own body, for instance, by humming with your own voice into the part of the body that is out of “tune.”
When humming you can feel a vibration in your cavity and with your intention you can direct it to the spot you want to heal or release pain. You can also adjust the optimal frequency by changing the frequency, lowering or raising, of the tone you hum. This is a wonderful way of self-healing.

An example of the Power of Chanting

A group of people chanting a certain frequency can disintegrate a cancer tumor. In this video taken in a clinic for alternative treatments in China, a group of healers chant a holy word with a certain frequency and focus the sound vibrations on a patient’s cancer tumor. You can clearly see that the tumor in the bladder slowly disappears.
With the wider emergence of sound therapy, we are now moving back to using ancient healing knowledge. We have come full circle, yet there is still a lot more to explore in this area of vibrational energy healing.

Sound Healer

I am a sound healer. Do not confuse this with a sound entertainer because many sound healers are in fact sound entertainers. Entertainers engage the mind only and bypass the body. After a sound entertainer session, you can feel relaxed and your stress levels have gone down for a short while. But nothing has changed to the emotions hidden deep in the body. So, after the relaxation wears off, you are back to the normal vibratory state you were in before. Most sound entertainers also use electronics and this distorts the pure vibrations of the sound, thus losing its healing power.

However, a sound healer uses intuition and feels how and what to play to direct the client to the feelings, emotions and ‘out of tune’ parts in the body. Only acoustic instruments are used to retain the purity of the vibrational power of the sound.

The Power of Intention

Jonathan Goldman, a well-known sound healer, says: FREQUENCY +INTENT=HEALING and that is how I work with my clients. During the sound healing deep hidden emotions and traumas may come to the surface. As an energy healer I am trained to deal with those issues. This is why it is often during the discussion after the sound session the healing is completed and the new paradigm is anchored in the subconscious.

Marius plays the gongs

In this short video you can experience a small selection of the acoustic instruments I use in the sound healing. I use gongs, singing bowls, didgeridoo, drums, voice, tuning forks and more. You’ll find more extensive information about my sound healing here.

To book an appointment you can email me or phone me – 03 5257977.
A sound healing session lasts approx. 1.5 hours and costs $125.

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