The Magic of Tuning Forks

By Marius Zwijnenburg – February 2, 2024

Sound Healing Introduction

Sound healing has been around for thousands of years. The ancients used musical incantations to help heal dis-ease. In China they still use voice harmonies to heal, especially tumor growths. In the yogic traditions chants and hymns are used to affect healing. These chants contain specific harmonies that are chanted multiple times to bring the recipients body to the correct healing vibration.

Sound healing becomes an even more powerful therapy when one combines voice, special acoustic instruments and tuning forks to affect healing and improve total wellbeing.

All sounds are made up of waves produced by the vibrations of material objects. The vibrations are transmitted through the air and upon reaching the ear are converted into electrical impulses in the brain. These then are interpreted as sounds of a specific frequency. It is these frequencies that a sound healer uses in order to help balance the body-mind health. When a sound healer uses the right vibrations, the ego-mind, the one that does not like change, will step out of the way. This then enables the innate healing ability of the body to take over. This innate wisdom knows exactly what your body needs to regain its balance.

More than a musician

So, you see a sound healer is not just a musician, who makes nice sounding music. Although good music can be very relaxing, it is often not deeply healing.
The pleasant sound is not the most important part. It is the correct harmonies that make the healing vibrations. There are many people who call themselves sound healers, but in fact they are sound entertainers and may create a lovely relaxing experience. Nothing wrong with this, but sound healing is different.

The most important part in a true sound healing in my experience is:

Frequency + Intent = Healing

When the healer and the client both set an Intent for the sound session true healing can occur.

Shamanic drumming

The instruments I use are Gongs, Drums, Singing bowls, Chimes, Didgeridoo and Voice. All acoustic, as I know that this gives the most powerful for healing effect.

What can sound therapy do for you?

Sound therapy can assist you in:

  • reducing anxiety, and stress levels
  • promoting healthy sleep and healthy digestion
  • lowering blood pressure
  • removing emotional disturbances
  • harmonizing body, mind and spirit
Playing the didgeridoo

Deep emotions and old trauma may surface during a session. To complete the healing, I then use my other healing gifts: energy clearing, focusing, past-life regression and healing hands to resolve these issues.

Next step Tuning Forks

Recently I bought several tuning forks, and now I use these as well in the sound healing. In a concert I never could use tuning forks. Because with the tuning forks I use special points, the acupuncture points, on the body. In a one-to-one session I can utilize these tuning forks and thus target some body areas specifically.

Applying Tuning Forks

Some of the specific tuning forks I may use:

  • OHM tuning forks of 68.05Hz and 136.1Hz, to re-align the chakras before the sound healing. The chakras are the organs of our energy bodies. By using these frequencies, the energy in the chakras and the associated meridians is re-energised and this will induce relaxation.
  • Sacred ratio vibro tuners of 64Hz and 96Hz. This is a special set of tuning forks to be used on acupuncture points and other energy points on the body to promote energetic balancing for enhanced health and wellness.
    When struck together these tuning forks create a ratio of 2:3, a perfect fifth. Pythagoras believed that this ration was extremely therapeutic and transformative.
    When placed in front of the ears the frequencies of these tuning forks are excellent for creating a deep sonic massage. People also find that these tuning forks balance the auric field as well as releasing blocked energy.
  • 128Hz Tuning Fork:
    –  helps: to reduce pain in joints and muscles. This will increase mobility.
    –  Alleviates stress by downregulating the nervous system. You go from fight/flight to relax and digest.
    –  Wherever placed on the body it spikes the release of Nitric Oxide. This causes increased local blood flow and allow more oxygen to enter the cells.
  • A set of Moses Code tuning forks. These are tuned to produce a certain ratio when struck together. The resulting sound vibration equates to “I Am That I Am” (Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh). This beautiful and soothing sound vibration enhances spiritual awareness, balances the auric field and expands consciousness.

Now all you have to do is come and experience this magic for yourself. I look forward to taking you on a sacred healing sound journey.

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