Mobile Phone Transmission Towers are NOT the only Harmful Fields Around Us

The issue of the harm of mobile phone transmission towers is really part of a much wider field of harmful waves and electro smog surrounding us in these modern times. So let’s start with looking at some of these fields in more detail. In this article I will remind you that we use in our homes many appliances that are producing harmful electro-magnetic fields. The mobile phone is just one of many and as with all things we need to decide on the balance of what we truly need and what is a ‘nice to have’ to maintain our health and wellbeing.

In nature the harmonic oscillation type wave, like a sine wave, is the most common wave found. Our bodies are in harmony with this type. All other types of oscillation irritate the body in one way or another. These types can be triangular or rectangular. Computers, for instance, generate a rectangular wave pattern because they work on the on-off system; current on equates to 1, current off equates to 0, hence they calculate in binary.
The following demonstrates how destructive these types of waveforms can be.
Dr. Hulda Clark worked out rectangular waveforms that are capable of killing bacteria, and viruses. So this type of waveform can actually kill you, as nature is not ready yet for such a form.

Cell Phone Tower

The definition of Electro Smog

Electro smog is the term used for all side effects of electricity production, transportation or use, when electric voltage is present, electric power is flowing or a transmitter sends off electromagnetic waves.

Harmful electro smog in our homes

We all know that our electricity is alternating current. This creates so-called electro-magnetic fields. The intensity of the field depends on the degree of grounding that is applied to your electric system.
Global biological guideline recommendations for healthy living areas developed over the recent years are: 1-5V/m. Anything over this will affect the health of the people living and working in such an environment.  In our homes often around the electricity sockets and around some of our electric appliances the field can be as high as 150V/m, which is extremely high and therefore very harmful. Luckily, the field drops quite rapidly: double the distance is ¼ the disturbance.

Electric blanket and an electric clock next to your bed

A harmful appliance that people often use in winter is an electric blanket. Even when you turn it off before you get into your bed, the electromagnetic field will remain. To reduce the field you need to unplug the blanket at the wall socket, not just switch it off, but totally unplug it. If you have a bed that contains metal, be aware that the field will be maintained by the metal even after unplugging.
An electric clock/radio has a transformer in it and generates a sizeable electro-magnetic field. So, instead of having a restful sleep after a stressful day, the sleep time will add to your body’s stress levels when you have this type of clock on your bedside table. Welcome back old wind-up alarm clock!

Overhead power lines

Similar for those living near high voltage overhead power lines. Right underneath, the field is >200V/m. But when you move 200m away from the overhead wires the field drops right down below 0.5V/m and is then well within the safety range.

Mobile phone Transmissions

Cell phone transmissions are part of the high frequency electromagnetic fields that are all around us. Examples of these fields are: broadcasting, television, microwaves, X-rays, etc. A weak field of intensity 0.1-0.5 V/m is within the safety criteria established by the World Health Organisation. And most of these fields fall within that safety range.

What is different with mobile phone transmissions?
Cell phone transmission is done in pulses, on average 216 pulses per second. At the tower the data to be send gets compressed into a short pulse and your mobile phone at the other end decompresses the information contained in that pulse. Each pulse is much stronger than the upper limit of the safety range, but because the pulse is not continuous, when the signal is averaged over a second, the field is within the permissible range.

Mobile phone antennae
The older model mobile phones had an external antenna, which made people aware that a transmission was being picked up by the phone and therefore this transmission could be harmful. The manufacturers decided to put the antenna inside the phone and now everyone ‘thinks’ that the mobile phone is safe!
Now you can also see why holding your mobile phone against your ear for long periods is extremely harmful to your brain. Especially the part of your brain just behind your ear gets the full blast of each pulse from the tower and is continuously overheated as a result of these transmission blasts. Keeping phone calls to a minimum is the best solutions to keep safe and healthy.

Using a headset and/or texting
Having a headset with your mobile enables you to keep your mobile phone away from your head as long as the headset is not wireless. Wireless headsets do create an electromagnetic field again, so no improvement for your health and wellbeing. The same goes for using your mobile phone to text. This activity enables you to keep the phone away from your head and therefore reduces the exposure to the harmful electro smog field considerably.

The transmission tower

Living near a mobile phone tower is similar to living near overhead power lines: as long as you are no closer than 200m the electromagnetic field is so weak as to not be a hazard for your health.

Some solutions

Always be aware that it is a choice to acquire/use an electrical appliance or to make of a phone call. To use electric appliances sparingly and to opt for texting instead of a call is the best prevention.

If you need to use an appliance or a mobile phone, here are some ways we may be able to help:

  • as part of an Environmental Clearing Marius can shield the harmful radiation of any appliance, including your mobile phone, to within 1-2cm of the appliance. He can also shield your house from the electromagnetic fields created by mobile phone towers and overhead power lines.
  • within your house you can work with crystals like black tourmaline, fluorite, obsidian, hematite, tektite, etc. to negate the harmful influences of appliances; to shield your house with crystals from outside electromagnetic fields is near impossible to do.
  • attach a small piece of black tourmaline on your mobile phone.

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