Integrated Energy Healing

Energy Healing reaches deep into the energy-consciousness and can give profound changes in well-being. The healing works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

‘Being’ not ‘Doing’

During an Energy Healing Marius facilitates the healing process. He is the catalyst that starts the healing by working through his Higher Self to access the healing energies that are for your highest good and to connect you to them. He is not ‘doing’, only ‘being’. Your Higher Self knows exactly what healing energies you need. Marius is holding the space for you so the healing can occur.

Each healing session is different as each client is unique. Integrating Personal Clearing, Space Clearing, Past-life Regression, Focus therapy and Spiritual coaching makes it possible to activate healing at many levels.

Healings that may occur:

  • The releasing of deeply held beliefs
  • Dissolving blockages that may lead to dis-ease
  • Releasing trauma from earlier times in this life or from an earlier life
  • Resolving relationship issues
  • Releasing emotional charge from certain expressions, things or events
  • Raising your consciousness levels; …and much more!

Energy Healing is a co-creative process in which the client becomes aware of patterns that play out in their life repeatedly. Once aware of these destructive patterns, they can be changed. Forgiveness plays a major role in this process.

“With Love, all things are feasible.”

Once everything that does not serve anymore has been released, the client’s natural healing and restorative ability will create harmony on all levels.

Integrated Energy Healing session

A typical session lasts approximately 1.5 to 3 hours. During the session, it is desirable for you to be in a relaxed, meditative state, while being guided through the process.

Based on the specific needs of you, the client, the following techniques may be used:

  • Personal Clearing. Sometimes supported by Space Clearing of your home or work space
  • Past-life Regression. As time is not linear you can heal past lifetime issues, and/or clear out the effects of previous time-frames in this life
  • Focus therapy:  ‘Focusing’ is to enter into a special kind of awareness, different from our everyday awareness. It is open, turned inward, centred on the present and on your body’s inner sensations. When doing focusing, Marius will often ask you: “What do you feel and where in your body do you feel it?” Working with this feeling, recognising what it is telling you and releasing the charge attached to the feeling, you will notice a deep relaxation in that body part
  • If needed, Soul Retrieval is included in the session
  • Spiritual coaching: Marius incorporates the wisdom he has gained during many lifetimes with the guidance he receives during the session from higher energy sources, to assist your healing process and to work out practices that will support you in the coming time
  • Forgiveness plays an important role during the session, for if you can forgive you will release the karma associated with the trauma and you can let go of the memories

Many clients feel major shifts during a session, and the healing energies continue to work and bring more benefits during a period following the session. This is different for each client and is influenced by the work you, the client, do to support the healing.

The innate wisdom of the body
Marius I want to write you a great thank you for making me see that the way I was feeling wasn’t normal. It is so easy for me to just accept ‘this is just the way it is’ and forget how it used to feel when I was feeling good. By removing some entities, I slowly started to remember again what it felt like to be in my natural state.

Another thing I learned was that if I wasn’t going to adjust my ‘thinking’ after the healing, then I would start to attract similar entities back into my life again.
This made me realize that I am the captain of my ship and that it is my own thinking that creates a lot of the problems we face in life. Once we see that and are able to reprogram our mind, true healing can take place. When we decide we want to heal, that is when the healer comes and in this case it was Marius who did an amazing job holding the space.

I was gobsmacked at how astute he was at picking up on the type of entities I had accumulated. Spot on. It made me cry.

I highly recommend consulting Marius when you are ready to choose to be healed.
Christianne van Wijk, Filmmaker

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