Personal Clearing

Personal Clearing is a gentle and safe technique to:

  • clear entities from your energy field
  • identify and release stressful patterns that are holding your spiritual development back
  • release energetic chords between you and other people; these cords can drain your energy severely

A Personal Clearing session is very powerful and as unique as you are. What happens in a session will depend largely on issues/thought patterns that are relevant to you at this moment, on the presence of negative energies in your aura field, etc.

There is no way to predict what will happen as a result of the clearing. Not all issues/patterns are ready to be released at any given session. Whatever needs to happen for your highest good that is what will happen.

Only one thing is for sure: When you let go of the attachment to an outcome, you create openings that allow events in your life to surpass even your wildest imaginings!

Clearing means a cleansing of your consciousness, ridding yourself of all negative ideas, thoughts, beliefs, patterns and programmes that are there in your subconscious mind. – Eric Dowsett

When is it time for Personal Clearing?

  • Anytime you feel overwhelmed, stuck, anxious or stressed, out of balance
  • To allow you to let go: of worries, grief for the loss of a loved one or a relationship break-up, habits that no longer serve you, attachments to outcomes
  • Anytime you are challenged by certain people or situations in your life
  • To get your life back on track; reduce worries and fears that stop you from moving forward in your life; clarify your thoughts and energise your day-to-day efforts
  • To integrate higher frequencies into your energy field; to raise your conscious awareness

During the Personal Clearing Marius creates a safe bubble of energy with total detachment from outcomes. In this space, your innate healing ability has a chance to reset your system to your natural state of being. Deeply ingrained patterns are allowed to shift, release or melt away. It is Marius’ ability of ‘being’, and not ‘doing’, which gives the greatest shifts in people.

What many clients after a session say:

– I feel calmer, lighter, more at ease and much clearer in my mind
– I am less emotional around people, places and things
– I feel much more connected with my Higher Self; feel a true sense of purpose and am totally
      capable of dealing with whatever life puts onto my path

What Happens During a Personal Clearing session?

  • The session starts with a short check-in to allow you to relax and let the real issues come to the surface
  • Based on what comes up and what has been communicated before in emails/phone calls, a clearing specific to your needs is established
  • During the session you are asked to relax, let go of day-to-day thoughts and concentrate on your body. Clearing and balancing the physical and subtle bodies may cause sensations in your physical body and trigger certain thoughts. These indicators will assist in finding those specific issues that you are ready to release
  • Once the releasing is complete, you will be guided to bring in healing and high-vibrational energies that will help you to balance your system and integrate new thought patterns and higher energy frequencies
  • At the end of the session you can clarify in word and thought the events during the clearing and work out practices that will support you in the coming time.

To help you support and integrate the new, higher frequencies of your Personal Clearing we advise you to follow up with a Space Clearing  of your home and/or place of work.

Before Marius did a clearing on me my life was rather a struggle. I was starting up a business but it was not working out the way I had envisaged. Actually at that time my whole life was not going as I wished it to go. I was dealing with the wrong kind of people and attracting a lot of negativity. I was always tired and it felt as if I was not “me”. Also it was a real struggle to earn enough income to cover day to day living expenses. But when Marius did an energetic clearing on me my life changed for the good.

Since then I have much more energy, I am much happier and everything is flowing again in my life. After an particular nasty entity was removed from my energy field I made huge progress in my life. I feel hardly any fear now, I am more assertive, I sleep better and I am able to create my own life again.

I can recommend everyone to have a clearing on a regular basis. You get rid of those negative energies in your aura field and this enables you to come back and remain in your own power.

Thank you very much Marius
A vd W, Netherlands

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