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Vibrations and our Body

Everything is vibration. It is a well-known fact that the whole Universe is energy in vibration. Vibration is the source of all life. Sound is a very important form of vibration. Sound is all around us. It’s in our voices, the music we listen to and in our environment.

In the brain, all our neurons fire at different vibrational frequencies based on the data they receive from our surroundings. Those vibrations interact with every cell in our body.

Our body is like an orchestra. All organs, chakras and tissues vibrate at a different frequency. Just like all different instruments are tuned to a different tone or frequency. When all instruments are tuned well and played well, the sounds produced are beautifully in harmony. 

This is when we feel healthy, happy and in harmony with the inner and outer world.

However, the environment and our thoughts can cause our body to go out of tune. And just as with the instruments in the orchestra, our bodies then need re-tuning. The longer you wait with this re-tuning the more disharmony is created within the body and in the end this may cause physical dis-ease or illness.
The article Sound to the Rescue gives further information on how our etheric body may become out of balance or starts to vibrate with a lower frequency.

How Does Sound Healing Work?

The sound waves or vibrations created by acoustic instruments like gongs, drums singing bowls and tuning forks, can alter your brainwave frequencies. By using specific rhythms and frequencies you can downshift your brainwave pattern from the beta state (normal consciousness) to the theta state (relaxed consciousness) and even to the delta state where internal healing can occur.

When you have two vibrating entities next to each other the stronger vibration will affect the weaker one; and eventually they will synchronise.

Then there is the physical part. In your ear is a nerve that connects to the vagus nerve, the major parasympathetic nerve in the body. This parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for rest. It reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and relaxes muscles. And a little branch of this vagus nerve goes right to the eardrum, which vibrates in response to sound waves. This means that every sound that you process through your ears sends information to the vagus nerve.

Why is this important?
If you suffer long periods of stress the activity of the vagus nerve is suppressed and this is bad for your health; so stimulating the vagus nerve – through the right frequencies – could bring your body back to a normal healthy state.

Marius plays the gongs
Moving singing bowl over body

What Does Science Say?

As Sound Healing is still a pretty new healing modality there is not a lot of research available as yet. But more studies are published regularly that back up the physical benefits of sound healing.

There is some research suggesting that tuning forks may help relieve muscle and bone pain. A 2016 study found that after a singing bowl treatment participants felt significant less tension, anger and fatigue. On a physical level it helped lower blood pressure, improved breathing and circulation, alleviated aches and pains and strengthened the immune system. Additionally a feeling of spiritual well-being significantly increased across all participants.

And a recent study on vibroacoustic therapy – when sounds and vibrations are applied directly to the body to penetrate you on a cellular level – found that the practice could be an effective treatment for chronic pain and injury recovery. Both the Sound Bath and the Sound Healing are a form of vibroacoustic therapy.

While the exact mechanisms behind these benefits are still being researched, the sound therapy puts your body into the parasympathetic state. When stress or pain you are in fight or flight mode, sympathetic state, your body is surging with cortisol and inflammatory molecules, which is, needless to say, not very healthy for the body. So anything that calms you down will help your healing response and reduce inflammation. Sound therapy is ideal to affect this and thus benefit your health.

Being in a parasympathetic state affects you not only on a physical level but also on an emotional, psychological and spiritual level. It increases antibody production for better immunity, it decreases cortisol levels, which helps lowering your blood pressure and it increases alpha and theta brain waves so you can be more alert during the day and go into a deeper sleep, where healing occurs.

Tuning fork treatment
Playing the didgeridoo
Shamanic drumming

Sound Healing session

During a Sound Healing session you relax comfortably, fully clothed, on a massage table while your body, subtle bodies and chakras are brought back into tune and on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) you become in harmony again. The acoustic instruments used have beautiful and pure sounds at different frequencies. Instruments used are: gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks, didgeridoo, buffalo drums and more. By using these around or on the body their frequencies connect with the same frequencies in our system. The water in our body, more than 70%, is a perfect conductor. This way the vibrations reach you at all levels.

The first part of the session involves working with singing bowls on and around the body. This is then followed by balancing your chakras with tuning forks and /or re-establishing energy flow in one or more of the energy meridians in your body. For this the acupuncture points are used.
When any part of your physical body, chakras or subtle bodies is out of tune it may happen that you become aware of the cause or I can assist you in finding the cause. Once acknowledged, the issue can be resolved and that part of the physical or subtle body is then restored to its correct balance.

The second part consists of you being ‘bathed’ in sounds and vibrations to anchor the healing that has occurred. During this part you will come home into your inner core and you experience the peace and harmony of being able to totally be your unique self.

This session takes approximately one hour.

After weeks of busy work and life the sound healing bath with Marius was a gift of time to myself, a time to be and to receive.
The experience started as I drove onto their land high on the hillside, with clear air and a great outlook, as I entered their purposebuilt temple space the relaxing healing energies washed over me as I sunk into relaxation.
Marius talked to me and listened to my current life processes and gave me some insights he had received for me and described what he felt would serve me the most for the session.

The wooden temple and clear space was amplified by the array of gongs, crystal and Tibetan bowls and instruments spread around a bed set among a tailor made pyramid structure that increases the healing energies that occur in the space. A real sanctuary. At the start of the session Marius ensured I was warm and cosy and tucked up in sufficient blankets and I closed my eyes and took deep breaths as my body released into presence and the tensions of the weeks before sank into the bed below.

Then it started, waves of deep sound washing through me and over me, the ripples of vibration felt from beneath me and all around me. Sonic sound scales, from loud deep gongs to the clatter of rain sticks and the gentle twinkles from wind chimes. A dance through the sounds activated different parts of my energy system, sometimes releasing, sometimes healing, sometimes reactivating areas that had gone to sleep. I felt time disappear, lost in the journey of vibrational reorganization. I felt the sounds clearing blocks, helping me to let go of physical stress and realigning the left energies into harmonic resonance.
A depth of journey into my soul, my thoughts, my physical self that does not take thought or speech, just to receive, to breathe and to let go. The crescendo of gongs brings out an invigorating sense of release and connection and followed by the soft regrounding and arriving back into life, with soft lighter sounds.

I arrive back into my body and into the room slowly and I come round to Marius sitting quietly on his chair allowing me to take my time to come back into life.
Finally I feel I can breathe out and there is a quietness, a sinking back into life, yet things are better somehow, clearer, softer, deeper.
I breathe and walk on the ground. Slowly allowing time to come back to myself before heading off for a quiet integration at home.
Marius’ work is individual, connected, and tuned into a divine presence that when I allow it has a profound affect on my body kind and soul.
Thank you Marius. For all that you are and all your provide. All in a powerfully energetic beautiful warm and comfortable setting. What more could you want?

Gayle Murphy

Event Manager

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