Space Clearing

What is Space Clearing?

Space Clearing is a specific form of energy clearing. It balances and harmonises the flow of energy in areas at many levels. It is like clearing energetic clutter (energy blockages) and cobwebs (leftover energy traces) that create stress or an uncomfortable feeling in your home or workplace.

Mostly invisible, this “clutter” can be divided in 3 groups:

1.  Metaphysical disturbances:

  • Negative thoughts or emotions of either the current or previous occupants
  • Negative thought or disturbed energy left in the land
  • Ghosts, poltergeist activity, sudden or violent death, suicide energy
  • Negative leyline activity
  • Native cultural sites: battle sites, massacres, graves, and sacred sites
  • Other dimensional beings

 2.  Geophysical issues:

  • Negative magnetic fields
  • Natural underground waterlines
  • Geological fault lines or pressure ridges

 3.  Technological disturbances:

  • Man-made microwave radiation: microwave ovens, cell phones, cell phone towers, …
  • Electrical appliances like TV’s, computers, electric blankets, clock radios, …
  • Power lines

Symptoms of out of balance energies in your space:

  • Avoiding certain areas in your home; excess clutter
  • Health issues; disturbed sleep patterns; feeling depressed
  • A foggy feeling in your head; can’t concentrate; feeling irritable, easily angered
  • Financial difficulties
  • Anxiety, worry, fearful

And because you do not know the cause, your feeling of unease will add further stress to your already disturbed environment.  Space clearing is a gentle way to break this endless cycle of overlaying negative stress patterns. A clear space allows you to reconnect and experience more fully the reconnection with your Higher Self.

Space Clearing can help you to:

  • Clear away physical and emotional debris; open to new possibilities
  • Promote healing, health, and well-being
  • Feel less emotional charge; feel less attached to particular outcomes
  • Experience greater clarity and awareness
  • Clear away ghost energies; clear away energetic residue of previous occupants
  • Clear, shield, and/or reverse the effects of geopathic stress
  • Sell your old home; find a new workplace; enhance profits in business
  • Feel a sense of being in the right place at the right time
  • … and more!
Earth healing in Fiordland
Marius, I’d like to thank you for who you are and for what you do. Wonderful.
Because of your help I feel, and I am, myself again and that is a huge present. It is so lovely to be truly myself.

With my friend, who you treated as well, I feel now completely at ease; a meeting from the heart; recognition “there is my true self again”. An awesome experience.
Thank you
– A. S. Warmenhuizen

Through a Space Clearing, your home and/or workplace becomes a supporting environment that helps you to access your deeper knowing intuitively for your highest good.
Note: I strongly advise to include a Personal Clearing for all persons who live in the home or on the property, because the energy of the people and the environment affect each other. There may be a small additional charge per person for this.

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