We CAN Change the Outcome

By Jeltje Kooistra – December 18, 2023

A few people have asked me lately about what or who created the situation in the world that we are experiencing right now. Well, the short answer is:

We Created This Reality

Not a very uplifting thought, yet we managed it. How?

For thousands of years most of humanity has been manipulated into obedience. Look at ancient and religious texts and they all tell us how to think, how to behave, etc. And if we do not obey there will be dire consequences.
I remember the mention of an agreement that was made between the church and the king on how to manage the lower classes. The king said to the priest: “You keep them stupid, and I’ll keep them poor.” And indeed, this has been going on for hundreds of years. And most of humanity is conditioned to believe that life is a struggle and then you die.

Because we are electromagnetic beings these beliefs have created a collective consciousness that has a very low vibration. All the fears, the beliefs of being only good enough to toil, always to be burdened by debt and never to achieve anything higher have sent vibrations of a very low frequency into the earth’s electromagnetic field.

Add to this the constant propaganda of needing to be afraid of illnesses going round, natural disasters due to climate change, economic downturns, etc. No wonder we have developed a solid victim mentality. We think that it is all done to us and that we have no control over our own lives. And what we think today will be our reality tomorrow.

Even if you feel that you are quite a positive person, observe yourself for a few days and see how often you use negative language to comment on a situation of behaviour of someone else. We do this without realising it and we pass this attitude on to our children. In our childhood religion, the education institutes, our parents programmed those beliefs and patterns in our subconscious and this subconscious runs our life for 95% at least.

We are conditioned to look outside ourselves for an authority to run our life. Humanity as a whole is very happy to give away its responsibility for what happens in the world. We have been doing this for thousands of years and still when something goes wrong, we hear the cry: “What are they going to do about it?

Graph of awareness levels

These are the thought patterns that dominate the collective mind and thus we have been given what we asked for. A world where outside influences decide what occupies our thoughts, how we lead our lives.

Independent Thinkers

Especially the last four years have demonstrated how easily most humans can be led to believe in a deadly virus and how the government and the medical establishment can save us. Only a minority managed to look through all the media hype and fear mongering. And see how these people got vilified. Yet if humanity is to survive, we need these brave souls now more than ever.

Why did they have the courage to stand against the current? They wished to be truly free which we can only be if we respect and love ourselves. It is time to (re)-connect with our Higher Self and follow Its guidance. Humanity collectively and individually finds this very hard to do. As a result, self-dislike, self-hatred even gets projected out into the world. And this inner turmoil shows up as outer turmoil.

When we respect and love ourselves, we take responsibility for their own lives. We see through all the manipulation and start to ask questions and do our own research. When we really want to find answers then they are available everywhere.

The most prominent indicator for finding answers is to find out what information gets suppressed, who gets vilified and in case of the medical issue, which MDs lost their licence and why. Once we start down this path, we become more and more aware of the falsehoods that are being spread through mainstream channels and the right information seems to just drop into our lap.

Remember, we are all wonderful expressions of the one consciousness that is creation.
Each one of us is on an eternal journey of evolution through experience and
all have the potential to do anything and be anything we want to be.

This process of awakening and deprogramming will be hard, may get stifled unless we let go of the programmed responses like fear, powerlessness and the sense of unworthiness. Letting go of the beliefs and patterns in our subconscious that do not serve us anymore will result in raising the vibratory frequency of our energy field. All we encounter then will benefit from this lighter, positive energy.

Quote from Thich Nhat Hanh

​What can we do?

Often, I hear say: ‘But I am only one person. What difference can I make?” Let our own life be the message we want to send out.

  • It is time to let the divisions fall away and stand up for each other. As Gandhi said: “Silence is connivance.” When millions stand together and peacefully say NO, this is not right and not acceptable, then the few that think they have all the power have no power over us anymore.
  • We need to see others as all being a part of the One. What we do or say to them we do and say to ourselves. To build a new better world, we will only step out of the darkness if we forgive each other, reject mind control and refuse to be led like sheep.
  • It is time to wake up, open our eyes and hearts and take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. Time to raise our awareness to what is currently happening.
  • We decide what we listen to or give our attention to. Question everything, and ‘feel’ what rings true. We get overloaded with information but is it necessary that we listen to or watch it all? Take time away from phones and games. These are devices to distract us and to brainwash us.
  • Buy food locally or even better grow our own. That way we decide what goes into our body. This applies to medical procedures too!
  • Start with small things like use cash everywhere. This circumvents the control of the big banks. Going to the local markets where cash is still king and where we support the local community at the same time.

So, you see there is quite a lot we as individuals can do as long as we do not let us be distracted by all offerings that seem to be “good” for our wellbeing.

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