What Happens After Death – Part 2

By Jeltje Kooistra – May 8, 2019

Continuing on from my previous blog (What Happens After Death?), this second part deals with the soul leaving the body and journeying into the spirit world. The information below is based on many NDE (near death experience) reports I have read and on the Life Between Lives books by Michael Newton Ph.D.

Once the soul moves out of the body at the point of death it often floats above it observing everything that happens in the space below. It will try to make contact with the people below, shouting: “Hey I am not dead, I am alive!” But of course no one will hear.

The soul floats higher and higher; memories in the superconscious state expand and there is a pulling sensation away from the place where death occurred. It experiences relaxation and curiosity rather than fear. It feels a great sense of freedom and brightness around it. Some souls may feel a little displacement as they adjust to having no body anymore. Some souls wish to stay for a while on the earth plane to say goodbye to loved ones, comfort them or to see what happens to their body.

Once through the tunnel the soul has passed into the spirit world. Here it travels through energy layers that get less dense the further/higher the soul travels. These planes are the astral planes. If the soul hesitates after leaving the tunnel a spirit guide often comes, assisting it to continue the journey. Mostly the soul will have a feeling of: “Oh, wonderful, I’m home in this beautiful place again!”

Although at this point the soul is just energy it is possible for a soul to create a human form, mostly similar to the person they were in the life just completed. This is how a soul recognises the souls that wait for it. For less experienced souls it is very comforting to recognise familiar faces from lives they had together with these souls. More experienced souls normally have a very small reception committee waiting for them. They already know exactly where they need to go to.

A Note on Karma

Karma by itself does not denote good or bad deeds. Rather it is the result of one’s positive and negative actions in life. Karma propels us forward by teaching lessons. Our future destiny is influenced by a past from which we cannot escape, especially if we injure others.
The key to growth is understanding that we are given the ability to make corrections in our life and having the courage to make changes when what we are doing is not working for us. By overcoming fear and taking risks, our karmic patterns adjust to the effects of new choices.

At the end of our life there is no stern judge, we serve as our most severe critic in front of teacher-guides. So karma is both just and merciful. With the help of our spiritual counsellors we decide on the proper mode of justice for our conduct.
Negative souls will get again and again opportunities for growth. They must overcome their negativity by continually making an effort to change. No negative karma remains attached to a soul who is willing to work during their many lives on this planet.

The Place of Healing

After the friends who greeted the soul upon arrival in the spirit world have left, the soul travels to a place to receive a shower of healing. The energy of this shower allows the soul to let go of the bonds to the last life, it brings about to transformation of becoming whole again. Note: Passing into the spirit world does not change the level of wisdom a soul has. That level will be still the same as it was on earth in the life that was just completed.

In a life on earth the physical body and the brain affect the expression of the soul. Some of the outstanding memories of bodies in certain lives stay with the soul. Even though the soul is free of those bodies. The more experienced a soul is the better it can use the energy of healing to wash away the negative aspects of the past life.
Now the soul goes directly into a debriefing of the life just ended. This involves a substantial counselling session with one’s gentle, yet probing guide. This session is also designed to provide further emotional release and readjustment back into the spirit world. Then follows a counseling meeting with the Council of Elders who decide with one’s spirit guide the most appropriate level for further development.

Following the healing shower and the debriefing souls are drawn to a central area and from there they are drawn to their respective soul clusters. The soul clusters contain the souls of discarnate entities and incarnate entities. These last souls show up as a dim light as only a small part of their soul energy is present in the spirit world.

Soul Groups

Placement in specific soul clusters depend on the soul level. Members of the primary soul cluster have about the same awareness level. It is a bit like a human family, but members have a sensitivity to each other which is far beyond our conception on earth. These clusters contain up to 25 souls.

Larger secondary groups of souls are arranged in the form of community support groups and these groups are normally very large, containing up to 1000 souls. The primary clusters that make up the secondary group have sporadic contact and souls of two different secondary groups hardly ever have contact.

During the time in the soul cluster the soul attends many teachings and counselling sessions. There is much freedom to be experienced and much interaction with the other souls in the soul group.
But there comes a time when the soul must once again leave the sanctuary of the spirit world for another trip to earth.

Life Selection

It is not an easy decision to leave a world of total wisdom, where one exists in a blissful state of freedom, for the physical and mental demands of a human body. Although it is hard to leave the spiritual environment, our souls do remember the physical pleasures of life on earth with fondness. When the wounds of a past life are healed and we are again wholly at one with ourselves, we feel the pull to have a physical expression of our identity.

The soul has to ask it these questions:

  • Am I ready for a new physical life?
  • What specific lessons do I want to undertake to advance my development?
  • Where should I go, and who shall I be in my next life for the best opportunity to work on my goals?

The soul now gets the opportunity to see itself in the future, playing different roles in various settings. It’s a bit like a movie theatre, but here the soul is the star of the movie. While being shown the movie the soul can step into the scene and experience the projected life. Not the whole life is shown, parts are obscured as these are dependent on the decisions the soul will make in that new life. Before leaving, the soul will have selected one scenario and a body for itself.


We all know that amnesia is imposed upon us when we come into a current life. This is done so that past life experiences will not inhibit self-discovery in the present. The same goes for souls examining future lives. Although the amnesia does prevent having full conscious knowledge of the life plan, the subconscious mind holds the key to spiritual memories of a general blueprint for the chosen life.

Viewing a future life does not mean that everything is preordained. During our lives we get plenty of opportunities for change which involves a risk. Remember we do not get shown all of our future life as we have free will to take our own decisions and to experience the consequences of our choices.
It is important to understand that our happiness or pain doesn’t reflect either blessings or betrayal on the part of a God-Source, our guides or the life selection coordinators.

We are masters of our own destiny.

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