By Jeltje Kooistra – November 2, 2012

In the last 10 years or so, channelling has become very popular.  Although it has been practised for many centuries it seems to really have taken off this last decade.

What exactly is channelling?

It is the art of receiving information from the spiritual, psychic or unseen realms and, in most cases, passing it on for the benefit of humanity.  In other words someone acts as a receiver for and transmitter of information.

It is not a telephone line to spirit beings; it is more a ‘knowing’, a concept that comes into your mind and the quality of the translation depends on the knowledge database you have.  This is why persons who have relevant knowledge are chosen to bring forth certain concepts and information.  They have the ability to present the information correctly.

Some people channel information which is purely for themselves.  Others may do it on a broader basis, for example a healer may channel specific information about the client they are treating and pass this on.  Yet others have established a firm link with a particular entity and publish information they receive.  Theoretically, this communicating soul speaks words of wisdom.  (see also the article about Discernment)

Is channelling the same as Mediumship?

Mediumship is usually directed at a particular person and the medium gets in touch with this person’s dead relatives or friends.  This calls for a specific psychic ability.

However, channelling can be done by anyone who wants to practise it.  You get in touch with the spirit entity.  You do not need to tell your audience which spirit entity you are in contact with.  If you have at some time surprised yourself by saying something profound without any conscious effort, thought or knowledge, you may have been channelling that information.

Which entities or Beings to contact in the Spirit world?

When you decide to channel you wish to receive correct guidance.  To ensure this you need to go as high as your own vibration will allow you to go.  The purer your energy, and so the higher your vibration, the higher the level in the spirit world you can tap into.  The lowest level to tap into would be the highest levels of the astral plane where your spirit guides reside.  Decree that you will make contact with the Masters and Teachers of the Higher Mental and Spiritual planes only.

Contacting Higher Beings is fine if you are looking for information that is nowhere else to be found on this earth. However, if you are looking for personal guidance remember that Beings on the Higher planes are only concerned with giving information which is of benefit to ALL humanity.  If you have a clear desire to bring this level of knowledge through as your service mission here on earth, then of course you are also aware of the great responsibility you take upon yourself.

But what if you are only interested in personal guidance?

In this century, with the energy of the Violet Ray of Freedom and Liberation pouring into the earth’s energy field, humanity is evolving beyond dependency on gurus and/or channels to receive personal guidance. This guidance we can now access ourselves via our Higher Self, the I AM Presence.

Our Higher Self is part of God/Source or whatever you wish to call the Infinite Presence.  Our soul is a reflection of our Higher Self and has the ability to communicate directly with our Higher Self.  This is sometimes called “the still small voice of God”.  And that is exactly what it is: a quiet voice that only can be heard when you have stilled the ego chatter in your mind and in the stillness you can ‘hear’ the guidance coming through.  You can ask guidance about any subject and rest assured the answer will come, but it may not always be in the form you expect.  So keep an eye out for the unexpected!

So, now that you can access your own guidance, why go to a channel for personal guidance?  We still do this as it is something we are familiar with.  However, it does again create a dependency on an external source.  In this Aquarian age we need to start recognising and realising that we have all the abilities within ourselves to run our own lives and to create our own future.
I leave you with these wise words from the Buddha:  Our life is the creation of our mind.”

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