By Jeltje Kooistra – March 13, 2013

Channelling  –  what is the point?

For decades we have seen new wisdom brought through by the process of channelling.  Some famous channels over time were Edgar Cayce  –  A Course in Miracles, Jane Roberts  –  Seth;  Esther Hicks  –  Abraham and Ronna Herman  –  Archangel Michael.  And yes, the entity they were communicating with speaks/spoke words of wisdom and enlightenment.

In the article about Channelling (also on this website) I mentioned that to connect to the energies on the higher Mental and Spiritual planes a person needs to be of a high vibrational energy themselves.  The channels above all know/knew that psychic ability alone does not guarantee quality connections in the spirit world.  One needs to be aware of the spiritual hierarchy and be spiritually evolved to be able to bring through messages of true wisdom.

Currently our planet and the human race is going through a shift.  The spiritually un-aware are not able to feel these changes, but a lot of people all over the planet are waking up and are coming to the realisation that what they have been looking for is actually within themselves.  With this awakening we also see many, many ‘channelled’ articles of ‘wisdom’ appear.  And eager as we are, because it has been channelled we do not ask after the source.  We just believe it and take it in as truth.
Discernment crossroads

Always question the source

However, it is VERY important that we do question the source.  In this third dimensional world there are many tricksters and people who like to play games with other people’s emotions.  Be aware that when we die we pass through the astral plane, yes also through the lower astral levels.  If we are focussed on our spiritual path we pass through these layers very quickly to the higher levels.  Alas, those spiritually un-aware persons will stay in the level that suits their vibration.  Dying does not bring us immediate enlightenment.
So, if the channel is not familiar with the spiritual hierarchy, what entity is being contacted?  Is ‘Grandmother Enid’ or ‘Shaman Golden Feather’ really an spiritual evolved being or just someone on the lower astral plane who likes to play games?  We need to learn to separate Fact from fiction. How to detect the true gems of wisdom amongst the mountain of channelled material?

Separate Fact from Fiction

Here are some guidelines to discern if the material heard or read is in harmony with you.  In this process it is important to use your logical left brain and the knowledge you have; we were given that logical brain for a reason!

  1. First check with your rational and logical left brain – does what you are hearing or reading make sense?  How provable is it?  Is it useful or usable?
  2. Then check with your intuitive knowing – is it in harmony with this?  Both brain hemisphere functions are given to us to use, to align and to balance.  Using only one without the other faculty creates imbalance and therefore imperfect conclusions.
  3. Next, search your heart-Soul centre.  How does your heart react?  Then bring this together in harmony with your two brain hemispheres.
  4. Next, feel if there has any tension risen in your body when listening to or reading the material. If there is tension you have a ‘gut’ feeling that the information is not in harmony with you.

Only when you use all your God-given faculties can you truly and correctly discern.

If after this process you still are not sure about the material, why not refer to your Higher Self for guidance.  We all have that ability so start using it.  Remember that woven through the channelled material are also the beliefs, opinions and perceptions of the channel.  This does not make the channel a bad person; they are often very sincere but unfortunately ignorant of the bigger picture and higher knowledge.  Therefore, it is up to us to test the material and seek the truth for us in it.

Additional questions to ask when checking the quality of material you are reading/hearing:

  • Does the communication provide information or knowledge that you can’t get from any earthly source?
  • Do you still feel in harmony with it after applying the above-mentioned checklist?
  • Is the information for the highest good and usefulness of all?  Or does it try to flatter your ego?
  • Is the information loving and empowering?  Does it leave you feeling at peace, calm and with a sense of security in your innermost being?

Never in a million years will we find the peace that passes all understanding when we look outside of ourselves. No-one is going to take away our worries, fears and troubles; only mind control via inner enquiry can do that.  You yourself have the Divine Spark within and all the knowledge you will ever need, you have already or have ready access to via your Higher Self.  Therefore anyone that we look to for guidance can, at the most, only point us in the direction of ourselves.

I leave you with this reminder from the Buddha:

“Do not believe a thing because it is said by an authority,
or because it is said to come from angels, or from gods, or from an inspired source.
Believe it only if you have explored it in your own heart and mind and body
and found it to be true.
Work out your own path through this world with diligence.”

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