Entities and how they affect us

By Marius Zwijnenburg – June 13, 2015

The concept of entities covers of a number of categories, namely: discarnate souls, extra-terrestrials and negative thought forms.
Each of these categories is explained in more detail below.

Discarnate souls

  • A being from the astral plane, or a human who has died, but whose soul has not left
    the earth-plane even though it is not wearing a body.
    This can happen when death suddenly occurs in a war situation, in a traffic accident or suicide for instance. The soul is confused and often does not even know that the body has died.
  • A discarnate soul can also be attached to a person or a possession, often is a house, and wants to stay close for a variety of reasons.
    When such a soul stays close to, or in the house, we call it a ghost-energy and say the house is haunted. Sometimes, in case of a very religious person, the soul does not want to go to God because it expects to be punished for its sins, so it prefers to stay earthbound.
Energies around us
In all these cases, the soul stays behind for a negative reason and its energy vibration is very low. When you are in a low vibrational state, because of depression, anxiety, worry or fear, such a soul can attach to a particular chakra in your energy field and feed on your energy.
Remember the Law: Like attracts like.
And because the attaching soul’s energy is low, you take over that low energy and you become even more depressed, anxious, worried or fearful. It will negatively impact the chakra it is attached to, so depending on which chakra is affected you may notice other symptoms.

Most of these souls are simply opportunists. However there is a subgroup of souls that do select their host with more precision. These are called Obsessors and they are a whole different story.


An obsessor is also a discarnate soul, but it chooses its host on purpose. The obsessor attaches for a certain reason. It does not attach to a chakra but tries to take over the soul of that person. In the cases I saw there was always a karmic bond with the host.

A typical example is: two soldiers fighting man to man and one of them gets killed. The soul of the killed soldier stays here on the earth-plane and waits for a suitable moment to attach to the energy field of the soldier that survived. This also can mean that the soul waits until the other is reborn and attaches in the energy field of the baby.

The obsessing soul aims to make the life of the host person as miserable as possible and in some cases it may lead to suicide. Often the host becomes depressed or appears to take on different personalities.

So this is a clear example of revenge. An obsessor is very good in hiding itself and shows itself as a friend when you visit a therapist or healer, or does not show itself at all. Which obviously creates a problem when dealing with one.


Entities can also be extra-terrestrials or other non-human beings. Most of the times they are lost and cannot find their way home. These beings also have a low vibrational energy which can suck our energy when they are attached to you or in your environment.
They need some assistance to become aware that they are trapped on the earth-plane and can then be guided to their ‘home’.

Negative thought forms

Quite frequently in situations where an entity is detected, it was created by the person himself. This may occur when someone has a persistent negative thought over an extended period.

When you have a negative thought and you do not dwell on it, it just disappears. But when you keep feeding that thought for some time and a lot of emotion is attached to this thought, it starts to lead a life of its own in your energy field and attaches in the chakra where the emotions relate to.
If this entity remains attached for long you may get all kinds of symptoms in the area related to the affected chakra, such as:
–  physical dis-ease ( – digestive disorders, throat problems – ),
–  emotional problems ( – depression, anxiety, feeling unsafe – ) or
–  mental problems ( – lack of motivation, repetitive behaviour, disempowered – )
for instance.

You can visit a medical doctor and he/she will prescribe you drugs, but because the actual cause of the problem is not found, you are just fighting the symptoms. The real cause is the entity. And behind that is your negative thinking, which created the entity in the first place.

To really heal, you need to find a therapist who is aware of the deeper cause: an entity attachment. I have been working in this field for a long time now and have developed a method whereby I can easily detect an entity attachment and often can release them at a distance, even obsessors.

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