To Guru or Not to Guru

By Jeltje Kooistra – March 20, 2015

For a number of years I have been working on developing a good intuitive connection with my Higher Self.  The Higher Self is the best spiritual teacher one can have.  It is in complete support of our Soul and gives in all things advice that is for the highest good of  all involved in the situation we are asking advice for.

Tapping into the Voice of the Higher Self

The Higher Self has a direct connection with our Soul, this connection is called the God Spark or the “quiet voice within”.  The Soul is a copy of our Higher Self and carries in addition a record of all our decisions and their consequences from all our previous lives here on planet Earth. This record is often called our Akashic Record.

Because we all have an ego mind it is quite difficult to actually make contact with our Higher Self. The God Spark is a very quiet communication and our chattering ego mind is usually too loud to hear it.  This is why meditation is such a good way of learning to listen to the quiet voice of the Higher Self.

Yet, because of the chattering ego monkey mind it is very hard to create such a quiet mind.  Meditation is the way, but it takes a lot of practice to reach a point where the mind becomes quiet enough to receive the communications from the Higher Self.  Once this is achieved, then yes, the Higher Self is the best teacher for us on our spiritual journey.

In the meantime, most of us still get often tripped up by our ego mind and miss the advice of the Higher Self completely. This is, of course, one of the aims of the ego mind. It feels more in control then and loves to be the master. This also means that the behaviour patterns, programmes and beliefs we carry in our subconscious hardly ever get recognised by ourselves. And this, while the subconscious runs our lives for 95% or more!

The Magic Presence
Have you ever had someone say to you: “Gosh, you behave just like your mother / father / ...”  while you feel that you are nothing like them!  You see clearly the patterns of behaviour that you do not like in the person you are compared with and believe that you do not have these behaviours.  Exactly what your ego mind would like you to think!

So do we need a guru or coach?

Unless you are so far on your spiritual path that you can instantly recognise beliefs, patterns and behaviours that are showing up in your life for what they are and know how to transmute them to positive patterns, I would say, yes.

This does not mean that you have to go and study with a guru or coach. You can be your own guru, if you are truly living in the now and are able to observe your behaviour truly objectively.  This is, of course, the hard part as it is very, very difficult to be objective about ourselves.

If you feel that you cannot be totally objective about yourself it may be an idea to find assistance.  It does not mean that you have to do this regularly, but now and again it is good to have a completely open discussion with a person you trust and of whom you know that they will be truthful to you, always give positive feedback and can show you how to change the behaviour that worries you or how to undo programming that no longer serves you.

Subconscious Programming

We receive an enormous amount of programming over our lives. Especially the first 7 years of our life we take in everything that is taught us and never question the validity of it, because our mind still operates in alpha waves and we have not learnt yet to discern.  This programming is done by people around you with the best of intention, but because the subconscious, which is actually a very fast recording device, stores it all up, we have it available to us for the rest of our life.

But it is not only the programming in this life that we have to deal with. Over previous lives we have made many choices, in alignment with our Soul expression or not, and all these choices had consequences. As I mentioned earlier, this information is all stored in your Akashic Record.  The Soul, upon incarnation places all this information in your subconscious where it is available to pop up in your daily life this time around.

Progress on your Spiritual Path

If you truly are serious about working on yourself and progressing along your spiritual path to enlightenment, the task is clear.  Observe yourself while moving through life and reflect on your behaviours. See if you can recognise patterns or programming that does not serve you any longer. Forgive yourself and others who may have caused them and let them go.
If it is too hard for you to recognise some of the behaviours, find someone you trust and work with them to clear whatever is not serving you anymore.

We, Marius and Jeltje, at Soul Harmonicz would feel privileged to be of assistance to you.

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