Soul Mates and Twin Flames

By Jeltje Kooistra – July 26, 2015

Similar or the same?

At origination our I AM Presence or Higher Self is created as a part from Source with the purpose to completely and fully express itself. Through all these parts Source is experiencing Itself and thus expanding.

Part of this complete expression is to experience duality. As we know duality exists from the fourth and lower dimensions. These dimensions are very dense, too dense for our Higher Self to come into. To this end our Higher Self created a copy of itself, the Soul. The Soul descends into the lower dimensions and in this third dimensional world it enters the physical body. The soul is sometimes called “ The Breath of Life” as it animates the physical body. Without the soul the body perishes.

Twin Flames

When I read about “Twin Flames” I wonder if this expression means the Higher Self. The Higher Self is the force to create momentum and direction on the path of the soul. For our soul there is no better educator – guru – then the Higher Self. It is also this connection with the Higher Self that gives us the awareness that we are more than just a physical being. We are Spiritual beings and all part of the One. The more we progress along our spiritual path the more we can communicate through our soul with our Higher Self and the more we feel drawn to ending this cycle of incarnations here on Earth and to return Home.

Twin Soul connection

Soul Groups

When our soul is created it gravitates to a soul group that has similar traits as our soul. We become part of a ‘family’ group within a much larger affiliated soul group. The primary soul group comprises 10 to 20 souls, while to affiliated or secondary soul group can have up to 1000 souls.

Dr Michael Newton in his book Journey of Souls states that members of the primary soul group, the Inner Circle, have direct and frequent contact and that peer members have a sensitivity to each other which is far beyond our conception on Earth. The members of the Inner Circle have about the same level of awareness.

Soul Mates

Our cluster group of souls consist of three major categories of soul in our immortal lives:
(from: Life Between Lives, by Dr Michael Newton)

  1. Primary Soul mates: Often this soul is a deeply bonded partner. This soul can be a spouse, but it could also be a brother, sister or best friend.
  2. Companion Soul mates: These are the souls within a cluster group that make up our spiritual “family”. These souls are siblings, children and good friends when participating in our physical life.
  3. Affiliated souls: These are all the souls that make up secondary groups located around our own primary cluster. They often incarnate as parents as well as protagonists to teach us certain lessons. They are, typically, acquaintances in life who are associated with us for a reason.

In recent times the search for a Soul mate is often mentioned by people who are on their spiritual journey. They often feel that this soul will make them complete. It seems part of our cultural upbringing to look first outside ourselves to satisfy our dreams, wishes and desires. And, yes, finding the ideal romantic partner is also part of this search outside ourselves.

The romantic perspective:

Soul mates. An idea adopted by romantics for ages; an idea that’s highlighted in our society and culture. Whether you buy into ‘my other half is out there’ theory, or the alternative, non-traditional approaches, it can all be very intriguing “food for thought,” to say the least.

Sometimes in our time between lives two souls from the Inner Circle enter into a Soulmate Contract to work out a karmic issue in a life together as partners. Once this karmic issue has been resolved both souls cancel the contract when next they are between incarnations.

Unfortunately this does not always happen. Regularly, I find when reading a person’s Akashic Record still such a contract present. This does explain why the person in this incarnation strongly feels the need to look for their “soul mate” partner. Yet, even when this partner is found the relationship is meaningless as the lesson is already learnt, karma already resolved. The relationship often will feel “stale”. It is imperative that such contracts get cancelled; otherwise. it will hold the soul’s development back.

The soul mate relationship is a relationship which makes you feel positive, an instant uplift of the spirit, energy boost up from within. A soul mate can be your dreamt of partner for life, but it can just as easy be a person of the same gender, a best friend, mother, father, sister, brother or anyone.

And remember why we came to this Earth, why we incarnated here in the first place. To gain experience, to express completely and fully our unique being, learn from our experiences and with the wisdom gained continue our journey back to Source.

Therefore it is reasonable to think that those souls in our Inner Circle are not here with us to make us feel good, to let us just “spin our wheels” without learning anything. They are here to assist us in achieving the mastery through those lessons we decided to learn in this life.
Which bring us to the more sensible perspective of having soul mates around us:

The Karmic Connection:

Author Elizabeth Gilbert said: “A true soul mate is probably the most important person you’ll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake. But to live with a soul mate forever? Nah. Too painful. Soul mates, they come into your life just to reveal another layer of yourself to you, and then leave.”

Karmic soul mates tend to be challenging and difficult; they may even include unhealthy dynamics and toxic patterns. Nevertheless, they are pivotal relationships that embody invaluable life lessons.

They come into our life to teach us something. Lessons have to be learned and karmic debts have to be repaid. This can be very painful, but it is necessary for our spiritual growth. Once the lesson is learned, the relationship has done its job.

Karmic soul mates come into our life in order to bring attention to our Self, to experience a connection that’s incredibly personal and impactful, but they do not stay. This does not mean that issues won’t manifest within this relationship, but they’re easily amendable due to great levels of mutual understanding and compatibility. Both parties have to exude patience and strength throughout the process.

Soul mates aren’t limited to one person; we can have several that play different roles throughout our lifetime.

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