Sound to the Rescue

By Jeltje Kooistra – March 2, 2013

Last year I began to notice how words and phrases like “Unconditional Love”, “working for the good of all humanity”, “respect mother Earth and start looking after Her” came up during discussions more often. The effects of the unifying energy that has been coming into the earth plane for a number of years are now being noticed by an increasing number of human beings. The date of 21-12-2012 was a beautiful catalyst and the knowledge that the times are changing is now very wide spread indeed. Humanity is on the move, evolving. And so are people’s ideas about healing methods.


Sound Healing – Healing for the 21st Century

Recently, we have had quite a number of clients for sound healings. There seems to be a movement afoot towards this particular type of energy healing. More and more people become aware that they have the power within to heal themselves and that healing themselves is their own business, not some medical person down the road.
Tibetan singing bowls
It is a widely acknowledged fact that everything is energy and therefore has a vibrational frequency. For us humans the physical body is the densest vibration and the subtle bodies vibrate at a much higher frequency. The subtle body closest to our physical body is the etheric body. This body contains the blueprints for every part of our physical body. When the etheric body vibrates at the correct levels in harmony, then our physical body reflects that state as perfect health.

What causes our etheric body to go out of balance?  –  Our thoughts.

Every thought we think has its own vibrational frequency. Happy, joyful, grateful thoughts are of a faster vibrational frequency than negative, angry, sad thoughts. Each type of thought causes a specific blueprint in the etheric body to go out of balance. If we think the thought often and long enough that part will be out of balance permanently and the corresponding physical area will become dis-eased.

Example: Have you ever had to sit an exam or take a driving test? How did the feeling of dread manifest in your physical body? Mine always manifested in feeling nauseous. Often this situation is temporary and after a while all will be in balance again. However, if you faced a similar situation every day, maybe at work, maybe at home then after a while your stomach dis-ease would develop into a permanent illness. Thus, your thoughts of dread actually cause a physical illness by causing disharmony in the etheric body.

To bring the etheric body into balance we must change the way we think. Dread is a form of fear and we can only overcome fear with love and trust that everything in our life will work out in a perfect way. Of course, this is not something that we can change instantly. To change our thinking patterns and our belief systems will take time and we have to work at it.

So, what can we do in the meantime to assist the etheric body to come into balance again and to relieve the physical dis-ease?
According to ancient wisdom teachings sound is the optimal healer for the etheric body. Acoustic, indigenous instruments produce not just a base tone, but many harmonics as well. These different tonal frequencies rebalance all areas of the etheric body and entrain the physical body parts to the perfect frequencies that exist in a normal, healthy state.


Gong Healing

The gong, of all the acoustic instruments available to the sound healer, is the only instrument that confuses our left brain so totally that it gives up its interfering role. In the ensuing trance state the innate healing ability of our being can now come to the fore. Healing can occur at a physical or etheric level, but more importantly it can give insight into the cause of the developed dis-ease. Once the cause is acknowledged one can work at removing this cause.

Try the alternative way of healing yourself: have a sound healing, preferably with gongs in the mix.  Alternatively you may wish to purchase a CD with gong music and take the healing journey on your own. Soul Harmonicz has produced a CD of a healing gong concert. You will hear gongs, didgeridoo, buffalo drums, Native American flute, etc.
With love and musical delight,
Marius and Jeltje

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