Past-Life Regression

Fears, phobias, unexplained behaviour

Many people have behaviours, fears or phobias that prohibits them to function optimally in their day to day life. There appears no obvious cause for these symptoms and therefore this condition is very difficult to treat. However, often the cause can be found in early childhood experiences or even in past lives. If something traumatic happened in an earlier life like humiliation, a violent death or the death of a beloved one and you did not deal properly with that experience at that time, then you carry the trauma with you into your next life.

Trauma from previous lives remains until you solve it

You live in a different body but the trauma is still there because memories do not die with your physical body. If you encounter a similar situation or meet a person that looks/feels familiar to you in your present life, this is not a coincidence. It is as yet an opportunity to deal with something that happened a long time ago. You have the choice to ignore this opportunity, however you then carry that ‘karma’ with you into a next life.
You did not learn your lesson!

Past-life Regression session

In a regression session Marius assists you to go back to this traumatic experience to heal the past. You do not need to experience the trauma again. It is only necessary to bring the circumstances of the event from your subconscious into your consciousness. Always forgiveness plays an important role during such a session, for if you can forgive you will release the karma associated with the trauma and you can let go of the memories.

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