What is Gong Playing?

By Jeltje Kooistra – May 16, 2013

When talking to people about our next Gong concert or about healing with the sounds of the Gong, they often have no idea what a Gong is and what playing a Gong sounds like.

Most people know a Gong from what they see in the movies. There you see someone with great force banging the centre of a Gong with a huge mallet. Or a Gong is banged at an event that is about to take place. The only sound being produced is a loud explosion of tones. Even when listening to the music of a classical orchestra you may hear occasionally a Gong.  Again here the sound is only a bang.

Playing a Gong

Some people comment: “Why should I go to a Gong concert and for an hour and a half listen to a Gong sounding loud bangs?” And indeed, if the Gong is played in such a way, why should you come to one of our gong concerts. However, Gong Masters sound the Gong by playing it in a creative, intuitive and artistic way. They see the Gong as a sacred and sensitive instrument and this is how they play it.

Marius playing a gong

If you think that banging a Gong is playing it, you could not be more mistaken. Crashing and banging a Gong IS NOT playing it! The Gongs we play are very sensitive and precisely tuned instruments. We see the good Gong player as an artist and if he/she plays the Gong well, it is not only a very relaxing sound that can carry you into different dimensions, but it can have very profound healing effects. As Yogi Bhajan stated:

“The mind has no power to resist a Gong well played.”

And, indeed, when the ego-mind has become quiet, the innate healing of the body can produce miracles and your intuitive channels are wide open to receive insights that will guide you on your journey of spiritual evolution. Centuries ago in the East, Gong players were regarded as “Doctors of Sound” and were members of a therapeutic society. It is now time to move beyond the Gong Show and other novelties and see this instrument as a palette for harmonics, capable of transformation.

In the 21st century humanity has reached the point of evolution where vibrational healing, of which Gong healing is a part, has come into its own. People are now ready to receive these sound vibrations and reap their benefits.

To experience it for yourself book a Sound Healing session with Marius.

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