Ask and you will be given

By Marius Zwijnenburg – April 7, 2016

This is an old saying. But how does it work?
Just ask and wait until your question is answered in the way you expect is to be answered?
You may have an idea how God/Spirit/Source will help you, but God has often different unexpected ways to assist us.
When help arrives from a totally unexpected direction and we recognise it, we often call it a coincidence. We are often unaware that God helps in unexpected ways. Some people may call it a miracle, but I say: “That is how God/Spirit/Source works.” I don’t believe in miracles, but I rather rely on them.

Each time I ask for help, it is always answered in the most perfect way at the most perfect time. Only when you have your eyes and ears open wide, will you see that help is always available. However, if you have a preconceived idea about the form of the help you want, you will miss the opportunity of recognising it. It’s like you’re looking through a tunnel. You only see what is directly in front of you and will miss what is going on at the sides.

The following story is a very good example of not recognising the form in which help is given.

Man drowning.
A man was fishing in the sea. He was standing on a rock. He was enjoying the sea and the sky and everything that was created by God. He forgot time and suddenly felt water around his feet. He looked around and saw that land was too far away to reach safely. However, the water was rising fast. What to do?

He lifted his hands towards the sky and said: “God please help me to get safely to land.”  Nothing happened and the water reached his knees. Then he saw a man in a little boat approaching. The man invited him to climb in the boat. But the fisherman said: “No God will save me.”

When the water reached his waist, again someone in a dingy appeared. This man urged him to come aboard before it was too late. But again the fisherman said that there was no need because God would save him.

The water kept rising higher and higher and it was up to his neck when a third boat came and again the fisherman refused to go aboard because he still believed God would save him.

So, the fisherman drowned. And when he arrived in heaven, he met God and he said: “God, I asked you for help to bring me safe ashore. I trusted you and you did not help me!”
God looked at him and said: “Three times I sent a boat to you and you did not listen and get into the boat, so what do you expect? Did you not see that I answered you call for help? Three times I sent help and three times you refused the help.”

This is of course a story I made up. But similar things happen each day.

The main healing work I do in our healing practice is environmental and personal clearing: sometimes on the spot and sometimes at distance. People who are happy with the clearing I have done for them recommend me to a friend who may need some help. If that friend asks me for a clearing, there is another happy person.

However, sometimes the friend does not want to use my services, especially when the friend is a religious person. They have asked God for help and are waiting for help to come. They do not recognise that the help has arrived in the form of their friend telling them about my clearing work. And so, often they are still waiting.

Why is nothing changing?
Maybe they expect a guy in white robes to turn up and help. Or maybe they expect that an angel or even God himself will turn up and give a healing. What I know from observation and also from my own experience is, when you ask for help and then just sit and wait, nothing will happen or change.
Because: God helps only those people who help themselves.

Helping yourself is having your ears and eyes open, and trusting that an opportunity will appear. Often a miracle is not an angel coming from heaven giving you a hand and healing you. More often the right person or the right opportunity will appear before your eyes.
You may say: “That’s not a miracle, it’s just a coincidence.”
I don’t believe in coincidences. It is all synchronicity. But you need to take action and grab that opportunity and use it.
Sometimes I feel that I am the guy in that little boat offering an opportunity to step on board.

People trust that God will save them, and that is so of course. However you need to be open to all possiblities and grab the opportunity when it appears. Believe me or not, but I trust in God/Spirit/Source too. I trust that I am always safe, and most of all I trust that God sends the right people needing my healing services on my path.

This is how I do my healing work. And until now my trust has always been rewarded.

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