Curing Cancer the Natural Way

By Jeltje Kooistra – December 28, 2019

What would you choose if you received a cancer diagnosis? Chemotherapy or a natural way?

This was the choice my partner Marius at age 74 was facing in October 2018.
A few months earlier I gave him a relaxing abdominal massage and detected in the soft area on the left a very large lump. It felt quite solid and thinking about the organs that are present on the left side in the abdominal cavity I could only think that it was an enlarged spleen. I asked Marius to check with the acupuncturist he was seeing at that time and get his opinion. The acupuncturist was not sure what it was, although he also suspected a very large spleen. He advised Marius to have a blood test done.

When the results of the blood test came in it was confirmed that the spleen had a very large tumour growth. The white blood cell count was extremely high, caused by a very high count of Lymphocytes.
White Blood Cell count: 233 (normal range: 4 – 11)
Lymphocyte count: 226 (normal range: 1 – 4)
A haematologist who had reviewed the test results had written underneath that this showed the presence of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia.

He added that if Marius did a chemo treatment he would be able to live at least another 10 years.
Marius’ reaction to this was: “If I do not take the chemotherapy I will live at least another 30 years!
A few days later the haematologist’s assistant rang to say that an appointment had been made for Marius. And this while we had not requested such an appointment at all! Needless to say that Marius immediately cancelled it as he had no intention of going for a chemo treatment.

Chemotherapy – what is it – how does it work

Chemotherapy uses the most powerful toxins known to humans and these toxins are being sold to us as substances that can kill cancer cells, because they target rapid dividing cells and tumour cells do divide very quickly. But these substances also kill, annihilate, healthy cells in the body and damage its organs, which makes the recovery from cancer almost a miracle, impossible.

And also the very substances that are being used to fight cancer are cancer causing chemicals. So instead of eliminating cancer or curbing cancer, we are inducing, generating new cancers. On top of that, I have always been puzzled by the fact that the medical personnel, when administering the chemotherapy drugs, are wearing full body protective suits and masks, while the drugs administered go straight into the bloodstream of the patient. Quite an anomaly in my way of thinking!


But what to do alternatively?

Both Marius and I work as health practitioners. And we know that when a dis-ease shows up in the physical body it is also present in the emotional and/or mental body. Sometimes the root cause of the physical symptom can be present in the subtle bodies for years even decades.

Humans are very powerful beings and we have the ability to heal ourselves. As Dr Bruce Lipton says so aptly: “If we can think or emote ourselves sick then we also can think or emote ourselves healthy!
So the healing process for the Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia had to be done on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This cancer was a symptom, a deep cry from the body that an old wound, a belief or a mental pattern had to be healed and removed.

As to the root cause of the cancer the universe provided the answer when Marius was at the acupuncturist. This practitioner always had a health program on the radio during Marius’ treatment and on this particular day the program discussed causes of an enlarged spleen. One of the causes mentioned was a period of prolonged emotional stress expressing itself 2 or 3 decades later as a tumour in the spleen. This immediately set of flashing lights in Marius’ brain and he knew that this was his underlying cause of the cancer tumour.
During his first marriage he suffered upwards to 15 years a lot of stress and emotional abuse from his first wife. And now 25 years later this emotional stress finally had caught up with him. Time to do something about it!

The healing plan

As I am a naturopath, we made together a plan for his healing.
1. At the physical level:

  • We started with a ketogenic diet.
    This diet limits daily protein intake to 1.5-2.0 gr per kg body weight; limits carbohydrates to less than 60 gr and completely eliminates sugar. This will induce ketosis, a process in which the body starts burning fat and the liver produces ketones.
    The aim is to starve the cancer cells that can only use sugar as fuel. The rest of the body cells are happy to use ketones for fuel.
  • We implemented a wholefood, mostly plant-based diet. We avoided processed foods as these are often nutrient deficient and full of additives that may burden the immune system unnecessarily.
    We used healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, macadamia nut oil, flaxseed oil and grass-fed butter.
  • Here are some sites where you find more information on healthy food habits:
    Dr. Mark Hyman –
    Dr. Mercola –
    Ocean Robbins –
  • Added cancer-fighting herbs and spices.
    We used and still do now in our cooking turmeric in combination with black pepper. The black pepper assists in the uptake of the curcumin, which is the active anti-cancer component in turmeric. We also used garlic, ginger and lots of cups of green tea. White tea is also good to use.
  • To aid the body even further we started daily intermittent fasting.
    This is where you take all food within a window of 6 – 8 hours and then fast for 16 hours. The fasting gives the body an opportunity to switch after 12-14 hours from growth mode to repair mode. This improves overall health and especially the immune system, which is the frontline defence against dis-ease.
  • To further boost the body’s recovery ability we added supplements.
    Especially Vitamin C is a very good cancer fighter. Normally Marius takes 2 gr vitamin C daily, but now he went up to 18 gr per day.
    The human body cannot make vitamin C so we need to get it in from our food. When a body is seriously under stress, like when you have a cancer tumour growing, your daily food intake does not deliver enough vitamin C. So supplementation is necessary.
    To find out how much your body needs, you take 1 gram vitamin C hourly until you reach bowel tolerance. Reduce the amount taken with 1-2 grams and that gives you your daily intake quantity.
  • Vitamin D is also very important to boost the immune system.
    So exercise/work outside to get as much sun on the skin, where the vitamin D gets produced. As it was fully summer while this was going on, being outside working in the garden was easy to implement. We did not supplement Marius’ diet with a vitamin D preparation.
  • More information on diet and supplements:
    Andrew Saul PhD –
    Riordan Clinic –

2. At the mental and spiritual level:

  • Using your mental powers to change the subconscious.
    For a number of years we had used a meditation method from Dr Joe Dispenza to reprogram the subconscious and create/manifest a desired outcome.
    Marius started doing this meditation daily. In it he visualised himself a healthy, active and happy person. He ‘saw’ a blood test result with all blood values returned to normal.
    The important part of this meditation is that you need to believe implicitly in the outcome that you have designed. If there is any doubt then you sabotage the outcome immediately.
    Information on this method you find at

3. At the emotional level:

  • As mentioned earlier, the actual root cause of the cancer in the spleen was the 15 years of emotional stress caused in Marius’ first marriage.
  • How to work on releasing this?
    Marius decided to write down his experiences during this time. While writing many pages, more and more emotional memories surfaced. Afterwards he read it again and acknowledged that he had let it happen by not setting the appropriate boundaries in that relationship.
  • We both know without forgiveness a healing is not complete
    So, writing it all down enabled him to let it go and to forgive himself for letting it happen. This then allowed him to forgive his first wife and actually thank her at soul level for helping him with this life lesson.
  • Afterwards Marius commented that energetically he felt a lot lighter and he could see the whole experience as something he had to go through.
    Now he is counting on at least another 30 years of healthy living.

During this healing process our medical doctor was very reluctant to give a referral for another blood test. You see, we were not interested in following their ‘only’ path for treatment of the cancer and so they try any way to block you from taking care of your own health and finding out how your treatment is progressing.

But … 4 months into our treatment we managed to get a referral through another physician. And the results were very, very promising.
White Blood Cell count was 74 (normal range: 4-11)
Lymphocyte count was 68 (normal range: 1-4)
Then 4 months later again, we had another blood test done. And this time the results came all back within the normal ranges.
WBC = 8 and Lymphocytes = 3.
Marius mentioned that the result looked exactly like the one he had been visualising in his meditations.
And the hard lump in his abdomen had completely disappeared. The spleen was reduced to its normal size and thus hiding behind his lower left ribs.
Needless to say we had a small celebration and even now 6 months later we are very grateful that going the natural way had its desired effect. Each day we see as a gift to be enjoyed to the full. Life is precious and needs to be treasured.

So why make a video and write a blog?

When you are faced with a cancer diagnosis do not let yourself out of fear being pushed into chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Know that when you are being told that you only have 3 months or 6 months to live that you can take the time to consider all your options. A major consideration in your decision needs to be the value you place on quality of life versus quantity of life. The side effects of the treatments offered by the regular medical doctors will most likely negatively affect your quality of life.

We chose to explore a more natural way. This included lifestyle change options like: diet, taking supplements, getting more exercise out of doors, engaging in relaxation techniques and doing meditations and/or yoga.
Why these last two options?
We feel that stress is always the underlying cause of chronic inflammation, which undermines the immune system and therefore gives cancer cells the opportunity to grow.
We always have cancer cells in our bodies, but most of us never know because our immune system is strong enough to remove these rogue cells before they can start multiplying and forming a tumour. Stress however weakens the immune system and opens the door for cancer cells to remain in our body and to start multiplying.
Where the cancer develops depends on the underlying emotional or mental root cause. Each organ or tissue in our body has their unique emotional and mental theme associated with it. During our life we are masters at ‘hiding’ emotions or beliefs and ignore them from then onwards, until we give them unconsciously an opportunity to reveal themselves.


A cancer diagnosis is NOT a death sentence.
You have the power within you to clear yourself of it as long as you address it at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.
A holistic approach is needed.

We look forward to hearing from you in the comments below. If you have further questions drop us an email and we will answer as soon as possible.
Thank you!

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