It’s an Inside Job

By Jeltje Kooistra – April 10, 2020

By now here in New Zealand we have been in lock down for 14 days. It is quite an experience to see empty streets and plenty of parking spaces available when visiting the supermarket. People keep their distance and in general are following the rules as laid down by the government. In our little pocket of the world, Golden Bay, there are no confirmed cases of infection with this the virus.

What exactly is a virus?

You can compare it to a flash-drive with a little program, a virus program, that you put into your computer and this little program starts replicating itself and thereby infecting your folders and files so that in the end your computer is unusable.
The coronavirus has been around forever. It is a virus that affects humans and animals. There are a variety of different types of coronavirus and most people will get infected with one or more of the common human coronaviruses in their lifetime. It usually only causes mild symptoms which we call a common cold.

The coronavirus is not a living organism. It is a piece of protein with its own program that needs to enter a living cell to replicate itself. The ‘crown-like’ spikes on its surface latch on to cell receptors to gain entrance. Once inside it rapidly replicates and in the end it will kill the host cell. The multiple virus pieces are released in the inter-cellular environment to target neighbouring cells to invade.
This virus cannot replicate at body temperature, but because the temperature in the lungs is slightly lower because the air we breathe is most often at a lower than body temperature, the virus replicates easily in the lungs. So, higher temperatures will kill the virus.
Cleaning agents mess with the membrane of the virus, it loses its ability to latch on to cell receptors and the virus protein will disintegrate after a while.

The immune system

During an infection our immune system gets engaged. This often causes a slight fever which will help kill the invader. After a few days the immune system will learn to target the specific virus and it keeps this memory. When the next round of coronavirus comes around our immune system still remembers the imprint of the previous invader and can stop it very quickly. This is why people with a healthy, active immune system hardly ever show any symptoms of an infection by this virus.

The virus however is clever enough to circumvent the immune system memory by mutating. If the mutation is minor our immune system will adapt very rapidly. Unfortunately the mutation this time is slightly greater and so for most people the immune system needs to learn about this mutation before it is able to target is efficiently by producing the correct antibodies. This is why more people show symptoms as the immune system has a longer lag time.
Coronavirus is a flu virus. Some people have had it and did not show symptoms. Other people have it and do show symptoms.

Is it deadly?

No, but if you develop respiratory distress then please see a physician as there is a treatment available.

Why is it a big problem?

  • Most people have not had this particular strain
  • When you are compromised then be responsible
  • When your physiology is not optimal, i.e. people with other health issues and a compromised immune system
  • Do NOT fear this virus; fear/stress lower your immune system drastically
  • The media are pushing you into fear and stress

There are population groups where everyone was tested. About 50% of the people that had the virus did not have any symptoms. They had an immune system strong enough to overcome the virus invasion.


The effects of stress and fear

What happens when you are in fear or feeling stressed? Your body goes into the fight/flight response. The hormone cortisol gets produced. This hormone stimulates blood flow to your extremities and shuts off the blood flow to your digestive system. You probably remember times when you were afraid and suddenly you felt queasy in the gut. This queasiness is caused by the blood vessels in the gut closing.

These days with all the information we get in front of us from the media, social media and other sources our mind keeps us in a state of stress. The mind does not know the difference between a physical experience and a ‘thought’ experience. So, if we ‘believe’ what is currently dished out to us by the media and government, our bodies are constantly experiencing an elevated cortisol level and thus our immune system is shut down.  This then makes us very susceptible to any simple virus attack.

But when we are under attack from a virus, which is a threat from the inside, we need our immune system to fight it! This means that we have to come out of fear to give our immune system a chance to do its job to the best of its abilities.

What can we do?

Every living organism has a biological imperative and this is survival. Even the smallest bacteria have it. Our subconscious mind which runs our life for 95% of the time has this survival as its main function. We need to become aware of this and actively change our mindset.
At a conscious level we may think: “I am not going to get this!” and have no fear. But what happens at your subconscious level? Are you getting thoughts of: “Thank heavens I have not had this flu YET?” If so, your subconscious mind is deciding for you what you attract.

Did I mention that this is an ‘inside’ job? Well it is! We need to override this basic survival program that is lodged in our subconscious.
How do we do this? We need to transform our fear and specifically our fear of death into peace within our self. There is no death; we just change our garment from a physical one to a
subtle-energy one. Our soul lives on.

Once you lose your fear of death, you release the subconscious from the biological imperative. This then releases an enormous amount of energy to use for our health. It raises the vibration of your aura and you broadcast this new understanding to your environment. It is your consciousness that is relevant! Remember we are very, very powerful beings and can manifest anything we wish for as long as we set the right intention and feel gratitude as if we already have received our wish. So use your thought power to control your response to the current events and thus gain your freedom.


“I control my response and so have freedom”

Stand up and be counted

In this lock down period we have the opportunity to decide how we wish our future to be. Do we follow, like sheep, what is currently forced upon us or do we use our power, get together and start shaping our own future. If we as humanity want to keep our freedom of movement, freedom of speech, freedom of health choices, etc. then we will have to find peace in others having a different opinion. Stop policing each other and start learning from each other.

In the interest of breaking free from the disabling complacency all around us, I think it’s time we all speak truthfully about the reality: this is not a classical pandemic, but
a “planned-emic,” i.e. this event was premeditated and serves agendas far beyond simply protecting the public health. While the truth may be disturbing, at this point, we have nothing more to lose (we are on global house arrest). And I think we are more than strong enough to handle it (many of you know this already), and the truth will set us all free, in a situation where near-universal deception is the reason why we are presently in global lock down.


Do NOT buy into the illusion of power of others. Then you will feel strong enough to stand up, come together and become a force to be reckoned with. If we stay complacent, how would you answer your children or grandchildren in 10 or 20 years’ time when they ask: “What did you do father/mother/grandfather/grandmother when they started taking your freedom away?

Yes we are now being asked to seriously consider the future of humanity and it starts with going inside and questioning your own beliefs and becoming aware of your own powers.

If interested in finding out more about this hidden agenda, please explore the information below.

Source: GreenMedInfo (

Whether a biological weapon, or naturally occurring virus, or not a virus at all (but an epidemic of false testing), this crisis is being used as an opportunity to accelerate a number of agendas which stand in direct opposition to your sovereignty, well-being, ability to make a living, and your basic human and civil rights, and have been, in some cases, decades in the making.
If you want to catch up with the actual subtext of what the media and government agencies are spinning, watch these two videos (there are dozens more out there):
1) Medical Martial Law 2020 [1:09 hours] by James Corbett
2) Henry Kissinger & Bill Gates Call For Mass Vaccination & Global Governance [42 mins] by Spiro Skouras

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