New Year’s Resolutions – How Are Yours Faring?

By Marius Zwijnenburg – January 5, 2016

Every year a number of us decide: “In the new year I will ….”  or  “In the new year I want to achieve ….”. There are many resolutions set and yet how long do we generally stick to them? By the second or third week of January we have fallen back into our old habits and patterns of living. Maybe we feel a bit sad or frustrated that we did not have the motivation to keep going longer.

I used to do this too and must confess that only a few I ever stuck too. Being an inquisitive type I went to find out why I could not stick to my resolution(s).  Did I really have so little willpower or was it something else that I had overlooked?  So, step by step I found out what is needed to actually manifest what one desires. And here’s the process I find that works for me. I do not say that it is the only way, but it seems to work for me as it is practical enough for me to be able to take the necessary steps and manifest what I desire.

Creative Energy funnel

Setting Your Intention

The very first step is getting a very clear picture of what it is you desire. Write it down in as much detail as you can think of. The Universe likes detail as it can see what exactly you intend to manifest.
For example stating that you wish to have a hundred thousand dollars in the bank by the middle of June is too general. What do you need the money for? If your intention is to look at the nice bank balance you have, then the Universe will not grant it as money in the bank is dead energy. Money is energy and in the Universe energy needs to flow!

While writing down as much detail as you can think of, do not write how and when you wish the desire to manifest. There should be no attachment to time and manner of the outcome.

Now that you have written down what you desire turn it into a concise decree. Not an affirmation as an affirmation still contains that little seed of doubt. By stating “I decree …” you use the power of your Higher Self to state your intention and make it so without any doubt.
“Decreeing is the recognition with complete confidence in the outcome of the accomplished desire”

Examples of decrees:

  • Wishing to attend a workshop, but lacking the funds to register:
    I Decree that the funds to attend the ABC workshop manifest in a perfect way and in perfect time.
  • Having health issues:
    I Decree that I am a spiritual being – my body is perfectly healthy. The Light of Source now streams through every cell. I give thanks for my radiant health.
  • Unhappy in your current work:
    I Decree that I find perfect work in a perfect way and that I give a perfect service for perfect pay.

Intention is the voluntary and conscious direction of thought to a selected idea. Behind the thought is the Divine Power of the One Mind/Source. Each of us carries the tool of this creative energy within. You are a creator in human form. You alone create all you are, your experiences, your circumstances.
As Winston Churchill said:

“You create your own universe as you go along.”

Stating your intention thus creates a powerful inwards movement of energy. The vibration of your intention now flows into the Quantum or Zero Point Field and is manifested there. Now it is waiting for your vibration to catch up and then it can manifest.

Maintained Attention

To raise your vibration to match the vibration of what you wish to manifest you need to start living as if your desire has already manifested in your life.
The Law of Attraction states that energy is the power to attract to you what you desire. You must become the thing you desire. For instance if you desire to attract love in your life, you must be love. Like attracts like, so you can only draw to you through magnetic force the same quality of vibration.

“Where your attention goes there the creative energy flows”

We have all proven this law at some time in our lives when we’ve wanted something so bad we could not stop thinking about it until it manifested.

This is the key: think of your desire often; feel how it would be when your wish has manifested. Feel gratitude that your wish has manifested. Give thanks morning, noon and night that your wish has come true. The emotional involvement will assist in raising your vibrational level to the level of your intention that is already manifested in the Quantum Field.
It may help if you write your Decree on a card and carry it with you, so you can read it daily and often. Or hang your Decree next to your bathroom mirror so you see it regularly. Or for some of us it is helpful to put it on our vision board.

Taking Action

It is not enough to have the intent, focus, decrees, visualisations etc. They need activating by you taking some kind of action to start the process.
Example: A woman desired an apartment in a certain town, because she would start a job there and wanted to live close by.Apartments were very hard to find in this town. So, she made her decree and visualised her apartment in detail as if she already lived there. To activate the process she bought a small rug to put in front of the fireplace in her desired apartment.
This type of action started the process as each time she looked at the rug, she would raise her vibration to match the desired outcome of an apartment.

One of the Laws of Vibration states: Higher energy vibration patterns will remain in place when maintained for a long enough period.  If the higher vibration is not maintained, it will always return to its lower vibration.
So acquiring something that represents to you that your wish has already manifested is a vital step. The item also will remind you each time of your wish and thus will raise your vibration to a higher level more often and maintain it there for longer periods. And once the match is maintained long enough, your wish manifests!

Then why does it often not work? – You sabotage yourself!

During your life you are exposed to many beliefs. Up until the age of 7 your brain pattern is in the alpha brainwave pattern and this causes you to belief and never question anything that you are told. After this you slowly learn to discern and start to select what you want to take on board as a belief. All this information finishes up in your subconscious and be aware that the subconscious runs your life for 95% of the time. However, belief is not the same as fact or truth. It is your subjective choice of attitude.
So, if you are creating effects in your life you don’t like, check your beliefs around them. For instance if you find yourself always short of money or feel that you are undervalued, then ask yourself what your thoughts are around money.
Do you believe or think one of the following:

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees!
  • I can’t afford that!
  • You can’t have money and still be spiritual!

Then change your beliefs that are not serving you anymore. Because remember:

Whatever you believe is true  …..  for you!

Another belief that often sabotages what you wish to create, is your belief around Self-Worth.
Do you feel you DESERVE it?
To create anything worthwhile in your life you must first believe you are worthy to have it. By decreeing that your desire already exists, you are saying that You Are Worthy Now! This allows the desire to manifest in your life.

And do NOT give up too soon. If at first you do not succeed, try, try and try again.
Nothing is impossible when you desire it with all your heart. Only when you stop trying is it impossible.
Have patience, the Universe works in its own Perfect way. The desire may not manifest in the time and manner you thought it would but it will manifest. Have no attachment to the outcome. Trust in the process and stay peaceful in your thoughts and feelings. As soon as you get anxious or have doubts about being able to achieve your aims, you immediately short-circuit all you good work.

So, create and manifest all year round. Why limit yourself!

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