What Happens After Death – Part 1

By Jeltje Kooistra – April 19, 2019

After my blog about the Dimensions I received a number of emails with other questions. Some were of a more personal nature but one I thought might be better answered in a blog. This question has been asked before and I believe the answer may not just be of help to the person asking the question, but maybe it can help others who are seeking to find answers to this question too.

The question was:
An important event happened in my life since – I wanted to say I ‘lost’ my brother, my only sibling. But I cannot really ‘lose’ someone who has eternal essence. However, living in 3D-4D world I did cry and grieve for some time. Now when the greatest healer of all – time – gradually acts and helps me to move on, I would like to know what happens to my brother’s soul, and anybody else’s who departs from the earth plane.

And here is my answer. Keep in mind that this is what I believe, it’s “my truth”, and you may have a totally different belief around this subject.

First, let me say to anyone who has lost a loved one: I extend my heartfelt sympathies, thoughts and prayers to you and yours. Know that the person is not gone from your life. They are still around you, in spirit and are still able to see and hear you. You can talk to them and they will speak to you. I have a friend whose husband died some years ago and she still asks his advice when she needs to make a major decision and she loves sharing a joke with him too. She cannot hear him now but in her dreams she communicates with him and she remembers those dreams vividly.

So, what happens when we die?

What happens depends on how you die. There is a difference between natural causes and accidents, murder (under which falls battle field death too) and suicide. Thankfully most souls leave this world through the first 2 avenues: natural causes and accidents.

A few hours before death, the earth chakra below the feet detaches. This symbolises disconnection from the earth plane. The person going through the transition gets cold feet. I have seen this happen many times during my nursing career. First the feet get cold and then slowly the cold moves up the legs. In case of an accident this process can speed up considerably.

There have been many people who have shared their Near Death experiences, so we have a good theoretical idea of what happens when we die. When death is near we know from NDEs and people who have been still able to talk just before death that deceased relatives come to them when the “end” is near. Some mentioned that they felt their body stand up, but when they looked back they saw their physical body still on the bed or on the ground. They saw a silver energy cord going from their soul to their physical body.


When we die, the cord to the physical body is broken. At this time the soul hears many voices, all at the same time. These are the thoughts of all the individuals present in the room. The soul tries to talk to its loved ones like he/she always did. Of course no one hears and slowly the soul realises that it is dead and there is no way back. The soul floats a few meters above the body, seeing and hearing everything happening around.

Most souls prefer to remain and ensure that their physical body is taken care of with dignity and respect. They also use this time to say good-bye to those they love. You probably have heard of people who dreamed of their loved one soon after death or even saw this loved one standing at the foot of their bed. The soul wants to tell their loved ones that they are ok; they no longer are in pain or suffering. They know they are at peace and the soul wants to ease your pain and sorrow.

The soul has 12 days to visit loved ones, favourite places, stay close to its treasured possessions. Then it is time to move upwards to the periphery of the earth plane to cross over to the other side. To reach the astral plane it is said that the soul has to pass through a big tunnel. So the 12 days after death are very crucial for the soul. It helps the soul if we pray for it and ask forgiveness from it so that it does not carry in their soul negative memories of hurt, anger, hatred from its loved ones with it. Prayer and positive energy act like food for the soul which will help it in its onward journey.

At the end of the tunnel a huge bright light signifies entry into the astral world. Here all passed away ancestors welcome the soul to the upper plane justly earned and they greet and hug. The soul and its guides are taken for a thorough review of the life just completed on earth. There is no judging “God” here; the soul evaluates itself, the way he/she made choices in its lifetime. Since the soul is not bound by the body and the ego the final evaluation becomes the basis of the next lifetime.

Earthbound Souls

There are many reasons for a soul to be earthbound. This can be sudden death, traumatic death, fear of moving to the astral plane, fear of “judgment” or attachment to persons or possessions. The soul feels it needs more time to finish before moving on. So, it keeps hovering on the earth plane.


Earthbound spirits lead a very miserable existence as they are neither in their justly earned plane nor in a body to lead an earthly life. Most are not harmful, but they are here for a negative reason, so they do influence the energy around them negatively. When feeling or “seeing” such a negative energy you can move the energy with compassion to their designated plane.
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In case of murder, the soul decides to remain on the earth plane to watch over their physical body until it’s discovered and laid to rest. And this might take decades. But remember that time does not flow the same way in the spiritual world, so it is hard to know what a “ghost” might experience in that state.

Suicide is a negative action, it’s murder of the self. It’s breaking karmic contracts made in spirit when you created your Spiritual Blue Print before re-incarnating. In the Universe are spiritual laws that govern energy and how it moves and progresses. The Laws of Accountability and Manifestation are the 2 biggest that govern this action. A suicide has impact on the accountability to all other souls you have touched in your life. It’s energy ripples out in every direction. There’s a huge karmic consequence and the soul enters a state of unconscious awareness. One can connect with such a soul through compassion guide this soul to the white light of the Divine tunnel.

When all is said

There is no need to fear death. Let’s face it, it’s not something you can avoid. You will experience death many times in your lifetime as friends, family and acquaintances complete their spiritual mission on earth and move on to the next phase of their spiritual journey. All we can hope for is that we enjoyed life, made a positive contribution and left the world, even our small piece of it, better than we arrived. And for those who left us too soon, do remember that they passed away doing something they loved doing and wouldn’t have wanted to go any other way.

I will expand in the next blog on what happens to the soul when it arrives in the spiritual plane and what preparations are to be made before reincarnating again.
I hope this has been helpful.
I’ll meet you in the comments.

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